3 a.m. ramblings

No particular theme to this post. I just need to keep myself awake so I can get ready for my early work day on time.

I suppose I could have gone back to bed after the cat woke me up. But I didn’t. I transcribed an email interview that needed to be done, then worked on critiques for a charity anthology that I’m part of (a project that is taking a much longer time than originally anticipated). Then I realized that if I went back to sleep I wouldn’t even get that much sleep. So here I am.

I could be working on the mockup of my husband’s cosplay cloak, but I just don’t think I should be handling scissors and sharp pins right now.

No blaming the cat today. I had the option of going back to sleep. Maybe I still will. Maybe not. Will one hour really make that much difference?

I could go to the apartment gym. Work on the stairmaster thingie. Or the rickety exercise bike. But I have a long day ahead of me, and I’m not sure I want to work out this morning. Plus, it’s fucking freezing outside this morning. Literally–32 degrees Fahrenheit. With snow. It may not be a long walk to the gym, but it’s still too long to be outside in that mess…even if the snow here is laughable for someone who’s lived in Ohio for a few years.

There’s the option of taking my shower early, thus waking myself up by scalding hot water. I hate getting ready too early, though. Early, yes, but not two hours before I have to leave for work.

So many choices. So little motivation to do any of them.


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