Holey moley

*Sigh* I’ve gone and done it again…again.

It’s not a character death this time. No, it’s another one of those sneaky, tricksy plot holes. Damnit.

I hadn’t even noticed the gaping hole until one of my characters asked a perfectly innocent, perfectly logical question. Stupid characters that are smarter than I am. Ugh. I guess it’s a blessing in disguise, though; better for the character to tell me now, during the early stages, than to have a beta reader or editor point it out later on. That would be embarrassing.

Now I have to think out the reasoning behind said hole and a possible way around it (without having to rewrite too much of what I’ve already rewritten a couple of times). What’s preventing the characters from taking the most logical course of action?

Ooh! Could that be it? Hmm…it would still require rewrites, but maybe I can weave it in without too much effort. It wouldn’t beĀ too far out of the realm of possibility, especially in a sci-fi type of story….This might work out after all….


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