The beginning of the end

The weekend is finally here! I made it through a long and busy week at the day job.

I have a few things planned for the weekend, but not too much. Some sewing, some reading, some laundry, maybe some shopping. After spending all week creatively and physically drained, I need to take some “me” time.

Of course, I can’t get too deep into any one project. There’s company coming next weekend–my in-laws–and my “craft room” is technically a spare bedroom that I commandeer when we don’t have visitors. Can’t be exploding into some huge craft project when someone has to live there for a few days soon.

Better keep my craft projects small 😉

Things are slowing down at work the next couple of weeks, then they pick right back up to life as normal. I think after the long holiday weekend I might start thinking bigger for my projects. Aiming high. And, most likely, taking on more than I should.


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