Birthday Blog, Take 2

Okay, so I typed up a nice, long post this morning about birthdays and whatnot–and after I posted it, the links were saying “Error 404-page not found.” Thanks a bunch.

Anywho, today was a pretty good birthday. I got to sleep a bunch this morning (though our cat Rory woke me up frequently with his throat-kneading), my husband made me breakfast burritos, I had a short, easy afternoon at work, and a great dinner with my family & a friend of ours who is visiting from out of town.

I also got my first sewing machine, which has me excited because it means I can do more #cosplay and fix/alter my own clothes if needed. I’m able to hand-sew, but this will make things so much easier!

My first two goals: Make a dress out of the blue fabric and TARDIS fabric I have, then possibly a skirt or corset out of some black-and-grey Doctor Who fabric I have. After that? Who knows! I have several links and tutorials saved on Pinterest for different types of sewing projects, so I might be able to keep myself busy for quite some time.

I’m going to start this weekend with finishing up the laundry bags I’ve started, then I’ll be designing and drafting until I believe I’ve come up with the perfect use for my fabric 🙂


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