I feel so alive

Did my first #livetweet of a TV show tonight. It was so much fun! Talk Nerdy With Us ( talknerdywithus.com ) ever so kindly let me hijack their Twitter account for an hour so I could live tweet the #DarkMatter West Coast premiere on the SyFy channel. It was cool to see the official show Twitter account and even the show producer retweeting and responding to my tweets (ok, to #TalkNerdyWithUs’s tweets), and to see other fans interacting.

Of course now it’s almost a quarter after 11 at night and I’m still awake because I stayed up well past my bedtime to watch the live West Coast airing of the show lol I definitely couldn’t do that on a work night, but on a Friday or Saturday I’m all over it!

I’ll find out tomorrow what my Talk Nerdy family thought about the tweetfest. Hopefully I did them proud. I certainly enjoyed myself, and next time I’ll try to remember to look up the actors’ Twitter accounts so I can tag them individually. I added a few of them on my personal Twitter account, but since I was using the other account I didn’t want to overstep by following people without permission.

That reminds me: I need to OCD my Twitter account so I can keep track of who I follow. Now that I have my Talk Nerdy family on there, plus the authors I follow, and artists, and now TV shows and actors and musicians and….anyway, my OCD commands me to fix it. In the morning. Right now, my brain in commanding me to stfu and go to sleep. I’m ignoring the brain because I’m still all excited about tonight’s fun, but I won’t be able to fight it for long.


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