Time flies

Where does the time go?

So Facebook has this somewhat-entertaining feature called “On This Day” where it shows you the posts you’ve made on that particular date for the past however-many-years-you’ve-been-on-Facebook. Sometimes it reminds you of stuff that sucks, but for the most part (if you’re not a Negative Nelly) it shows you the highlights of the past. It can even be a little cool to see what type of person you used to be–though I shudder at the horrendous spelling and grammar errors I made when I first started Facebook; I guess I thought textspeak was OK at the time.

Though I’ve seen the shared tweets and articles, it only just hit me today that I’ve been with Talk Nerdy With Us for over two years! It might not sound like much, but it feels good that I can say I’ve worked as a “freelance entertainment journalist” for that long. When I started writing for Talk Nerdy With Us I had never imagined having that kind of work, paid or no, and despite the free nature of the freelance work–and the fact that I don’t have much time to write anymore–I still enjoy it. I’ve stayed on as an editor even though that writing time is scarce, so I can still contribute to the site’s work. Come to think of it, I really need to dream up more article ideas…. I’ve also written an article for another entertainment website, Starry Constellation Magazine … though again, I haven’t had the time or energy (or creativity) to think up more article ideas.

It’s crazy how life turns out sometimes. Even though I’ve been writing for Talk Nerdy With Us for this long and have had tons of Twitter followers that likely followed me for that specific reason, it’s still almost surreal. I mean, wow. Just wow. I don’t think words can relay to my “bosses” how much I appreciate the opportunity they’ve given me over the past two years. It still blows me away some days.

I hope I can continue to do this work and dream up more articles and do more reviews (and the occasional interview–when I’m not working). This experience really allows me to tap into both my creative and my supremely nerdy sides.

Out with the old, in with the new year

It’s hard to keep the new year’s resolution to take better care of myself when there’s Christmas candy around.

Guess I have to eat it all before the new year. 😉

I brought a bag of candy to work yesterday to try to get rid of some of it (and to be nice, because I tend to forget that my coworkers like chocolates too), but not too much got eaten. Maybe everyone else is trying to eat better, too.

I still want to lose weight. I want to get fit. I’m just terrible at getting motivated.

Soon I’ll start on the cosplay again. I didn’t get any done this morning because I was exhausted from being up so early yesterday, so I went back to sleep after I fed the cat instead. There’s no getting back to sleep before feeding the cat…believe me, I’ve tried.

Hard to believe 2016 is almost over. I’ve already had to write 2017 on several appointment cards at work, and it feels weird. Didn’t 2016 just start? Where did it go?

It went to cosplay–lots of “cosplay crunch,” lots of sewing and trying new things. It went to a cross-country trip with my husband to our first out-of-state convention. It went to writing (first draft of my second novel completed, plus began the first draft of my 3rd novel). It went to my first big commission art project (with royalties and everything). It went to working…I learned a lot at my job this year. It went to working at Talk Nerdy With Us (though I don’t do as much as I’d like due to the day job’s hours and responsibilities).

I don’t know what 2017 will bring. I’m sure it will bring more cosplay, more writing (possibly publishing my second novel?), more work for sure, and more talking nerdy.

Beyond that? We shall see….

Bring it on, 2017!


I’m such a ditz. I’ve been thinking all this time that it’s my day job OT that has me worn out, but I forgot that I’ve also still been taking on work with Talk Nerdy With Us and extra responsibilities with the charity anthology project. No wonder I’m feeling the burnout!

I don’t mind the Talk Nerdy With Us work–it’s a fun job to have–and even though the anthology will be a lot of work as co-admin, I kind of enjoy the challenge. It’s frustrating when the head admin is unable to work on the project as often as I am (and he’s got a bit of an attention span problem–not to mention he’s been sick lately), but it gives me a chance to take charge and get the project moving the way I’d like it to, rather than have it sit stagnant as it has been. As our writers also have day jobs/other things going on with their lives, it’s hard to coordinate and get momentum.

Oh yeah, and there are also the cosplays I have to finish in the next couple of months. Two months. Two short, short months. I’ve got to get those finished.

So that’s my life in a nutshell right now. Work. More work. Charity work. And cosplay work.


The excitement is Con-tagious

That’s right, this afternoon I leave my humble abode for Phoenix Comicon 2016! I’ll be in cosplay the first three days (I’m wearing my Talk Nerdy With Us t-shirt Sunday–shirts available at talknerdywithus.com), and I’m hoping to get photos galore of all the cosplays, as well as live tweeting and (maybe) Periscoping some panels.

I’ll be representing Talk Nerdy With Us as well, with my sweet press badge:


Official, and flattering lol

So excited to be going to the con as press, and extra excited because it’s my fifth year in a row at Phoenix Comicon. Each year I go I get more and more thrilled to be there. It’s even more fantastic this year because my little sister is coming with. I can’t wait to introduce her to the addiction that is Con Life.

Of course, there will be the blistered feet, the blistering heat, and the unending exhaustion…but that’s half the fun!

See y’all later! I don’t know if I’ll have time to post any blogs this weekend, but I’ll definitely have an update Monday with all the fun I had! 🙂

T-minus one day, 8 hours

It’s almost that time of year! Phoenix Comicon begins tomorrow, and while I won’t be able to get there until the festivities are already in full swing (have to wait for my husband to get off work at 1pm) I’m sure I’ll have the time of my life. 🙂 My cosplays are complete–I even got the 4ft fighting fan prop in for my Temari cosplay–and most of what we’re taking is already packed and ready to be loaded into the car tomorrow.


I have three interviews set up so far, and though I’m not overly optimistic at getting more I’m happy that at least a few people wanted to talk to me. I have my questions all ready on little 3×5 note cards that I’ll have handy in my cosplay pocket or purse. My phone has a decent voice recorder app that I’ve tested myself, so that’s taken care of. All I’ll need to do is transcribe and post at the end of each day. Each long day.

This year will be my first attending as media/press, so it will be interesting to see what kinds of things I can do. I know I can’t take photos of the guests without permission, but I plan on taking lots of cosplay photos and Periscoping in the hallways as I go to and fro. Probably won’t be able to Periscope any panels, but maybe I can manage live tweeting a few. And of course, I’ll be on the Talk Nerdy With Us Instagram to document the fun I’m having.

I have a ton of panels that I want to see. Cosplay panels, writing panels, sci-fi panels…things that will help with various different interests I have. I may even go to some of the panels that my sister wants to see. It will be her first Comicon, so I want her to have as much fun as possible. She’s chosen some interesting panels, but there are a few that conflict with panels that I want to see. She doesn’t seem to mind, though, and seems genuinely excited to be going. She’s a bit of a hermit (stays at home when she’s not working & only really leaves the house to go shopping with Mom or to go to Pet Smart) so I’m glad she’s getting excited about going to a big, crowded place full of strangers.

The countdown continues! I may even Periscope or live tweet from the car on the drive up (lol) but not for more than a few minutes. I’m sure no one wants to see 3 hours of interstate. Or 3 hours of me chattering away.

See y’all tomorrow and all weekend on the Talk Nerdy With Us Twitter and Instagram feeds!

Next question….

T-minus 3 1/2 days until I arrive at Phoenix Comicon, and as the time draws nearer I’m starting to get interview opportunities from some of the convention guests that I requested interviews with, as well as other guests who are eager to be interviewed by websites and magazines to get their names out there.

It’s exciting to be attending as a member of the media. I don’t know exactly what special privileges I’ll have (taking photos at panels that otherwise wouldn’t allow them, perhaps? Who knows), but just having the opportunity is great. I can’t thank Talk Nerdy With Us enough for all the opportunities they’ve given me in this past year. (Hard to believe I’ve almost been with the site for a year!)

It’s also going to be interesting to be conducting these interviews in costume, as I’m going to be cosplaying most of the con. I’m sure there will be other press in costume, because come on, it’s Comicon! Still, I have to maintain a professional veneer throughout the day because I will be representing Talk Nerdy With Us. I can’t just tell some jerk who disses my cosplay to piss off, because that would look bad for Talk Nerdy With Us. I have to take the high ground. Be the better man…er, woman.

Well, I guess it’s time to get back to drafting interview questions. Here’s crossing my fingers that my phone’s voice recorder app works well! Lol

Busy little bee

As if I hadn’t gotten myself involved in enough projects lately, I just signed on to start writing for another entertainment/geek website (in addition to Talk Nerdy With Us). It’ll make me busy, but also will give me something to do in the mornings when I can’t focus on writing my WIP.

This one has a little different structure than Talk Nerdy With Us, and the goal is different so I don’t think there will be any conflict of interest. The Cosplay Closet Essentials will still be a completely Talk Nerdy With Us thing, and I can just write short articles on the side for GeekFeed. Win-win.

Also, the team on GeekFeed has a lot of people in England, so they’re more active when I’m up early in the morning. That will be nice (seeing as how I get up ridiculously early and usually have few people to talk to), and now I can have an excuse to be up at 0300 😉

I’m excited to expand my writing opportunities, and I’m glad I answered the call for writers. Onward and upward 🙂

Doors Wide Open

It’s amazing what a little bit of ingenuity will get you.

Thanks to my job at Talk Nerdy With Us, I’ve had a lot of doors opened…various things that come along with working for a media website, along with things that I never expected.

One of the most recent opportunities that this job has brought to me is quite unexpected to say the least, but I am ecstatic for the chance to do something new. Can’t reveal what it is yet because it’s not a certain thing, but it’s exciting…and all thanks to my original idea for a weekly post.

That’s all the teaser I can give for now. More to come (possibly?) later!

Just breathe


Work week is done, and I have three and a half days off until it’s back to the grind. Yesterday afternoon and this morning weren’t too bad, so I feel more relaxed already. I know come Monday it will be almost back to “normal” (translation: hectic as all get-out), but I’ve been looking forward to this unwinding weekend.

Not that I don’t have stuff to do. Interviews/reviews for Talk Nerdy With Us, cosplay stuff, art project…It’s not going to be a completely work-free weekend, but it’s still a relief.

I have to finish the pants on my husband’s cosplay (and hopefully start on the tunic), write interview questions, read a comic or two, and draw like my life depended on it. Still, it all sounds pretty relaxing compared to the day job.

Sometimes you gotta take some time to yourself just to get away from the norm and recharge. I love my jobs–all of them–but the constant pace gets to me every so often.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!