Halfway points

First revisions are roughly halfway through…steampunk mask is roughly halfway through…making progress on different fronts, but still a lot to do in my creative worlds.

I’m really liking how book 1 is coming along, but I’ve noticed that some parts are better written than others, so maybe I’m, like, quarter-way through? I want to finish the first run-through before I go back and tackle that issue, so maybe I’ll still consider this halfway. Or not. I have no clue. Math and writing don’t always sync up.

The mask is going along great as well, but I have come to a screeching halt as I realize that the rivets I have are too long for attaching the thicker leather pieces to the suede. They’re fine for the harness that I’m going to make for the phoenix breastplate, but after testing some scrap leather I’ve discovered that nope, they’re not going to work for the mask. So back to the drawing board–or rather, the craft store.

Later on today I’m going to finally start piecing together the steampunk pants for my husband’s Cyclops cosplay. Since I’ve hit a brick wall with the mask, I really have nothing else to distract me.

Gods, I hate sewing pants.

Taking an Internet/revising break right now. Have to get these things done as well. Sure, there’s more time on the “deadline” I’ve given myself for the book, but it’s also just as intensive as the cosplay. Perhaps not as physically intensive, but if I get stuck on this I can’t just go to the other room and stare at the pattern instructions to visualize how the difficult part is supposed to go together. Wouldn’t it be nice if authors could do that? Just buy some formulaic patterns for their novels, find the right “fabric” and “thread” and just pin the pieces to each other & throw them into a machine that puts the finished project together….Well, I guess some authors kind of do that. Hell, I’m kinda doing that. Dystopian setting, main character, love interest(s), conflict, action, resolution…Never mind lol

Don’t get me wrong; it’s still hard work. Creation of any kind is tough. You’ve got to balance, edit, build, break down, add, erase, etc.

I guess I should get back to cosplay soon. Those two steampunk outfits are far from halfway over….

Revise, rinse, repeat

Since I made the decision to stop my WIP where it is and continue the story in a sequel, that means it’s revision time!

For those of you who are interested in writing a book but haven’t yet, let me tell you: getting the story down is just the start. There’s so much more to it! As Ernest Hemingway is famous for saying (on the Internet at least):


That’s right. That piece of solid gold you just finished is really just basically a turd that needs much, much polishing before it’s ready to be read by the general public. I can’t stress enough how much polishing it needs. You want that turd to freakin’ sparkle. Blind people with its brilliance.

Unfortunately that takes something called work, and it sucks at times. You have to delete great lines and rewrite terrible ones. You have to rewrite a lot of terrible lines. You’ll reread your first draft and cringe at some of the crap you wrote. You’ll probably want to drink. A lot. But, to quote the immortal Hemingway once again:


I could go on all day with the Hemingway (mostly because I still have the Google tab open), but my point here is to revise, edit, revise, edit, revise, edit, over and over and over again ad nauseum. Then there are alpha readers and beta readers, then more revisions and edits based on their input. I’ve found that critique groups help, and there are plenty on Facebook. Check them carefully; this is your brainchild, and you don’t want it getting kidnapped.

It’s not all sunshine and happiness typing away at the keyboard. This book, like Whispers of Death, will take a ton of work to be ready for publishing…even self-publishing. I might even have to hire a graphic artist for the cover, because my art skills are not skillz, and skillz are what will be needed for this endeavor. (<— see previous line for example of shit lines that are written without revising/editing)

Well, off I go back to diving into my story and refining it until I have the entire thing memorized.

Then, after months of work, it’s on to book two! 🙂