An arduous task

*Sigh* Why did I have to figure out a patch for a nasty plot hole that requires tons and tons of rewrites?

It’s hard to force myself to get to work on it. First I have to find the offending passages, then fix them … and right now it seems to require reading closely through every word following the initial mention of the mistake. Every. Single. Word. Not that I mind reading my own writing (if I didn’t like to read it, I shouldn’t be writing it), but I hadn’t planned for this much repair work.

Then I’m drawn back to real life, and I remember I have some studying to do for training at work. A new position that terrifies me, one that promises to be quite stressful. Will I be able to do it? Actually, it’s not the doing that concerns me; it’s the emotional aspect of the position. How does a technical position have an emotional risk, you might ask. Well, the surgeon is–how do I put it–“particular” about the way things are done. And he is not known for his patience with people who are learning. Oh, and it’s been two months since I last had a training session. Then there’s das boot. Will it get in the way? I don’t know, but it concerns me. I’m either going to be at risk for falling off the damn stool when I go to sit down or my clunky-ass boot’s going to be in the way, bumping into stuff because I can’t tell when I’m getting too close to things.

I keep trying to convince myself that I’m getting paranoid for nothing, that the surgeon has been more understanding lately than in previous years. I also try to tell myself that I can do this, that it’s a repetitive, OCD-esque job that fits well with my personality. I just have that tendency to get overly sensitive when faced with criticism.

We’ll see. I guess if I manage to make it through training it will help steel me for the inevitable rejections from agents and publishers once I finish the seemingly endless edits/rewrites and finally start submitting. (See how I tied that together? Thought I was just rambling didn’t you?)

*Sigh* Can I go back to being a peon that isn’t expected to be reliable and flexible to learning new things?

Pacing myself

Here it comes again: the pacing problem with my WIP.

Book 2 is moving too quickly. Or too slowly. It seems nothing I do is just right. Kind of like Goldilocks, I’m trying to find the right temperature porridge to make this book edible. Wait is that, like, the right metaphor? Simile? Damn, I should’ve paid more attention in English lit.

Anywho, the story’s all jumbled and a mess right now. Revisions are going to be a bitch once I get around to them. Gotta finish first, and even though I’m zipping along with the plot I’m still far from the end.

I’ve also written myself into a corner as far as my main MC goes. She’s getting too powerful for her own good, and it’s going to be terribly boring if she just plows through the obstacles I’m setting up for her. I mean, who wants to read about a character who can just do whatever? There’s no suspense there, no interest. I’ve got to tone her down a bit. Take her down a few pegs. Give her some kind of weakness that makes the obstacles more…obstacle-ey.

Things are coming to a head of sorts, but if I can’t fix my all-powerful MC problem it’s going to pop off too soon. Premature resolution of conflict. I swear this has never happened to me before.

The other MCs are moving along quickly as well, but I think I can fix that issue with a few minor adjustments. Tweak the timeline, add some dialogue, make things more difficult for them as well. Torture them. Make them work for their reward, damnit.

And my promise to myself not to write over the weekend? Yeah, that didn’t happen. Oh, sure, I didn’t write much, but I was definitely at it. Oops.

Ooh! That gives me an idea. Back to it!