Home sweet home

Even though I had a fun time at the SCA event this past weekend, I’m glad to be home. I slept great last night–perhaps a little too great. I’m groggy as fuck this morning, even after my usual coffee.

^^Okay, so I was groggier than I thought I was. That was written yesterday morning after much, much thought…then I got distracted by the fact that it was time to leave for work and forgot I was even writing a post. D’oh!

It was fun dressing up in period garb and walking around watching the rapier fighting and kinda sorta meeting people.

It was the annual Mideast Feast, so I wore some loaner garb that was sorta Middle Eastern. I’m grateful to have friends that are willing to loan out clothes for events until I can make my own.

Most of the people were from a different barony, meaning I didn’t know them from the local area, and the majority of the new names I learned kinda zoomed in one ear and out the other. Not that I wasn’t trying to listen, but I just was so overwhelmed (not to mention I am terrible with names to begin with). The protocol of calling everyone m’lord/m’lady or calling people with crowns on “excellency” or learning who was king/queen to call “your grace” or the prince to call “your highness” was hard to figure out. Then there’s the whole regular-name-vs-SCA-name thing. I still don’t quite get it, but hopefully I’ll pick up better as I go.

I’ve pretty much picked my SCA name and some of the detail work I’ll do on my garb once it’s finished properly (I’m going to just make it “good enough” for rapier practice for now), and I have the beginnings of a persona. I’m definitely going for Viking shieldmaiden–partly because fighting women are awesome, partly because I get to wear pants instead of skirts–and I’ve got a name picked out that’s referenced as being a Valkyrie in some period poetry. Valkyries are awesome as well. Plus my name loosely translates to either “protection/luck rune” or “ale rune.” Protection/luck for the battlefield, ale for after. 😉

Next up on the SCA list of things to do is going to our first official SCA meeting. It’s kind of like a “town hall” sort of thing, so no garb required, but in two weeks is “court” so we might have to wear garb for that. Hopefully by then I’ll have our fencing/period garb coats done and we can have something to wear to both rapier practice and SCA events. The pants will probably have to wait because of time constraints on the cosplays, which I really need to get cracking on as soon as the jackets are done. For now, jackets and, like, pajama pants will have to do in a pinch. I have patterns for leggings, but not quite the type that the Vikings wore. It doesn’t look too hard though (famous last words).

Some friends of ours are being gracious enough to loan us some rapiers to practice with at home. We’ll definitely have to be super careful, because I don’t yet have a fencing mask or, well, anything. If we can find the wall space, we might put up an EVA foam “target” to stab at. Protects the apartment walls, provides something other than each other to practice on.

This is going to be a time-consuming (and expensive) hobby, but I’m looking forward to getting more involved in the SCA and meeting new people and learning new things. It’s great having the friends we’ve already met and gotten to know, and hopefully I’ll make even more friends as time goes on.

I’m glad my husband finally talked me into joining the SCA and going to events. I’ll have to admit, the rapier fighting kind of cinched it for me. Even though I get frustrated with it at times because I’m very much a beginner, I enjoy it. Stabby-stab. I’m even interested in cut-and-thrust, which apparently is more risky (as far as potential injuries go), but it looks like it would be really fun.

I’m hoping I meet new people at the meeting tonight and don’t get too confused on the name thing. And I hope I don’t pronounce my own name wrong. Norse names are weird.

No loss of time, but lost time anyway

One good thing about living in Arizona (besides the weather): No daylight savings time adjustment.

One bad thing? My husband works from home for a company based out of California, so he had to “spring forward” in a manner of speaking by starting work an hour earlier (since Cali did do the time change). Which means my little bit of “sleeping in” today was interrupted by his alarm.

Oddly enough, the sleeping in has screwed with my morning productivity. I’ve been doing pretty much nothing but talking with people on Facebook messenger for the past two hours. No writing, no editing, nothing of import. I made an energy drink with our Soda Stream (great invention) and took my morning pills, had a few bites of yogurt for breakfast to get me through til lunch, and that’s about it. Haven’t made my lunch for work yet, haven’t taken my shower and gotten dressed, haven’t done much of anything.

I think my body wanted to sleep off some of the aches and pains from the previous day. Yesterday I was sore all day long (as though I had done a heavy workout, without the physical benefits of working out), which has somewhat carried over to today but not as severe.

Part of that aching may stem from the couple of hours I spent sitting on an awkward but much-appreciated stool while watching SCA fighter practice with some friends yesterday. Well, I watched; my husband and our friends participated. I have never done fencing or rapier fighting and was a little apprehensive about trying it out. Now I’m excited for the chance to do something fun that counts as exercise. Hopefully I’ll be out of my boot next Friday and will be able to join in.

There’s some deciding to do as to what “persona” I’ll take for SCA. I want to do a medieval Viking-type character, but my husband–who wants to do couples’ characters–isn’t too keen on the Viking thing. He wants to do Celtic, but I’m kinda Celtic’d out. I know that technically Vikings are more of a fad now than Celtics (thanks to the History Channel show) but I want to be a shieldmaiden. Yeah, yeah, Celts had warrior women as well…but damnit, I wanna be named after a valkyrie and beat on people with sticks. Or use rapier finesse. Whichever ends up being more suitable for me. I don’t quite understand a Viking using a rapier, but I don’t fully understand how SCA LARPing works yet, either, so I’m going to give it a shot.

Our friends who are in the SCA are nice, and they seem very inclusive. I just hope they stay friends. Our luck with friends the past few years hasn’t been the greatest. But that’s how friendships are: they move and grow and evolve and change and often that change includes a rift that can’t be crossed.

Hopefully I’m back to my early morning schedule tomorrow. I have to get back in the swing of early morning productivity, especially with the boot soon to be off and the sewing back in action. Two and a half months until Phoenix Comicon–gotta get cracking!