Time flies

Where does the time go?

So Facebook has this somewhat-entertaining feature called “On This Day” where it shows you the posts you’ve made on that particular date for the past however-many-years-you’ve-been-on-Facebook. Sometimes it reminds you of stuff that sucks, but for the most part (if you’re not a Negative Nelly) it shows you the highlights of the past. It can even be a little cool to see what type of person you used to be–though I shudder at the horrendous spelling and grammar errors I made when I first started Facebook; I guess I thought textspeak was OK at the time.

Though I’ve seen the shared tweets and articles, it only just hit me today that I’ve been with Talk Nerdy With Us for over two years! It might not sound like much, but it feels good that I can say I’ve worked as a “freelance entertainment journalist” for that long. When I started writing for Talk Nerdy With Us I had never imagined having that kind of work, paid or no, and despite the free nature of the freelance work–and the fact that I don’t have much time to write anymore–I still enjoy it. I’ve stayed on as an editor even though that writing time is scarce, so I can still contribute to the site’s work. Come to think of it, I really need to dream up more article ideas…. I’ve also written an article for another entertainment website, Starry Constellation Magazine … though again, I haven’t had the time or energy (or creativity) to think up more article ideas.

It’s crazy how life turns out sometimes. Even though I’ve been writing for Talk Nerdy With Us for this long and have had tons of Twitter followers that likely followed me for that specific reason, it’s still almost surreal. I mean, wow. Just wow. I don’t think words can relay to my “bosses” how much I appreciate the opportunity they’ve given me over the past two years. It still blows me away some days.

I hope I can continue to do this work and dream up more articles and do more reviews (and the occasional interview–when I’m not working). This experience really allows me to tap into both my creative and my supremely nerdy sides.

Back in the closet?

No, not that closet. I’m talking about my old weekly interview series for Talk Nerdy With Us called “Cosplay Closet Essentials.”

With my current work schedule, I don’t get the opportunity to do actor/musician/author interviews, and I kinda miss it. I mean, it’s kind of cool to be able to say “I interviewed that cosplayer” or to meet a cosplayer I interviewed at a con in person.

The only problem is that I got burned out on it when I was doing it on a weekly basis. Organizing photos, drafting questions, transcribing, etc. It wore me out. I think I’m ready to get back into it, though, but probably not weekly. Maybe monthly or biweekly. That sounds less stressful.

I might start doing different kinds of cosplay interviews. Reviews of products (from myself or other cosplayers), tutorials, tips, etc.

The biggest problem I had–and will still have–is finding cosplayers to interview. I only have so many “connections” in the cosplay world. I follow some on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but that only gets me so far. I’ll have to network more, meet more cosplayers, spread the net a bit wider.

I’ll also have to go back through my old interviews to make sure I don’t do repeat interviews. That would be embarrassing, especially if neither myself nor the cosplayer remembers the interview lol

These articles should get me back in the mood for cosplay and interviews. Yeah. I think I’m going to go back in the closet.

AMA/Q&A with Clare, Harper, and Eli

So I tried an AMA/Q&A in-character as Clare–the protagonist in my next novel–a few weeks ago, but didn’t get much response….so I’m redoing it, this time with her cohorts Harper and Eli as well!

Clare, Harper, and Eli live in a dystopian future where the Old U.S. is almost completely decimated by war, pollution, and global warming. The governing body is an oligarchy of only the most wealthy Gifted people in the Old U.S.

Clare is an Abnormal Telepath who grew up in Heaven’s Light, the capitol of the Old U.S. She meets Eli (an Abnormal Athlete) in a chance encounter where he ends up saving her life and meets Harper (a Hawkeye) while on the run from the Council. Clare, Eli, and Harper have a … complicated relationship 😉

If you have any questions for Clare, Harper, or Eli, send them in a comment, message, Tweet, whatever! Let me know, and next month I’ll respond (in-character) with their answers! 🙂

Next question….

T-minus 3 1/2 days until I arrive at Phoenix Comicon, and as the time draws nearer I’m starting to get interview opportunities from some of the convention guests that I requested interviews with, as well as other guests who are eager to be interviewed by websites and magazines to get their names out there.

It’s exciting to be attending as a member of the media. I don’t know exactly what special privileges I’ll have (taking photos at panels that otherwise wouldn’t allow them, perhaps? Who knows), but just having the opportunity is great. I can’t thank Talk Nerdy With Us enough for all the opportunities they’ve given me in this past year. (Hard to believe I’ve almost been with the site for a year!)

It’s also going to be interesting to be conducting these interviews in costume, as I’m going to be cosplaying most of the con. I’m sure there will be other press in costume, because come on, it’s Comicon! Still, I have to maintain a professional veneer throughout the day because I will be representing Talk Nerdy With Us. I can’t just tell some jerk who disses my cosplay to piss off, because that would look bad for Talk Nerdy With Us. I have to take the high ground. Be the better man…er, woman.

Well, I guess it’s time to get back to drafting interview questions. Here’s crossing my fingers that my phone’s voice recorder app works well! Lol

A pre-Mother’s Day adventure

It’s off to some historical sites today as we take my mom & dad out of town to celebrate Mother’s Day a little early. Since my husband works tomorrow, we’re doing our day with my parents a day ahead of time.

I’m trying to mentally psych myself up for a day of walking, walking, walking. I considered exercising in the apartment “gym” (translation: about 3 or 4 different exercise machines) early this morning since I was up, but then I reconsidered after remembering that I haven’t really exercised in months and months and I’d likely end up sore beyond belief tomorrow…hell, I still might end up sore as hell.

Gotta get my stamina and fitness up at least a little bit in the next few weeks, though, because Phoenix Comicon starts June 2! There will be so much walking to do as we traverse downtown Phoenix to see all the sights (and be seen in our cosplays). I’ve also potentially got interviews to do; as a media member, I get to fill out a form letting the con know which guests I’d like to interview. The con organizers will forward my info to the various guests, and then they (or more likely their agents) will be in touch with me to set up interviews.

I’m super excited about this–more than just normal con excitement. I’ve only done one live interview, and that was a disaster. The band (I won’t name names) was so preoccupied with being late to the venue that only two of the five did the interview while the others started setting up for the sound check, and one of those two obviously did not want to be there. He was squirming in his seat, not making eye contact, and giving short answers to the questions. When I asked if they had a message for their fans, his response was: “Come see our shows. Buy our records. Buy our shirts.” Classy.

These interviews should hopefully go much better. I’ve got to figure a good way to keep my questions with me as we walk around, because I won’t have much storage space in my cosplays (just a tiny purse for the Jedi TARDIS and a small hidden pocket for the Temari cosplay). Maybe I’ll grab a small, small notebook at Wal-Mart or something sometime before the con so I can have my questions all written down. Or notecards. I have a shitton of 3×5 notecards…but my purse/pocket are so small I might still have to fold them up to get them to fit. Hindsight, I guess…

Writer’s block of a different sort

Well, here I am, stuck again. For once, I’m not talking about my work in progress; I’m talking about interview questions.

Usually, I don’t have much of a problem coming up with interview questions. I just ask the things that I–and theoretically fans of the musician(s), actor, author, artist, etc–want to know.

My problem? I’m interviewing the head organizer of the anti-bullying charity project that I’m involved in–so I don’t really know what someone unfamiliar with the project would want to know. I already know about the project (I’m even a co-admin and in charge of the American side of production once the anthology is ready), so I’m stuck as to what to ask.

Sure, I’ll ask how the anthology project came to be, about Scribes for Lives in general, about the British charity we’ll be supporting, but then what? I’m stuck.

I suppose the point of this post (as opposed to my usually pointless rambling) is this: Does anyone have any questions about the anthology project? This is my first time actively asking for comments on this blog, so feel free to throw a comment up there! 🙂

A Question for Another Day

I’ve been doing musician, artist, and celebrity interviews over phone (and now Skype) off and on for over probably six months now, and I have to say, I think I’m finally getting the hang of making it a conversational interview rather than straight-up questions.

Part of it is that I try to write the questions so they flow more organically. I try to gauge how the interview will go, how some questions will be answered, and arrange my questions to that sequence. Part of it is just practice, I guess.

But my one big hang-up (no pun intended) is still how to end the interview. So far, I just say “Well, thanks for talking with us today” if I’ve come to the end of my questions and there’s not really any opening left for continued conversation. That, to me, feels cold and impersonal, but after all this time I have not figured out a better way.

I’ve asked the other writers for the website for advice because it’s a very supportive team, but I feel like I’ve failed by not figuring it out myself. I guess it goes back to when I was a kid and school came easily to me for the most part; if I ever had problems understanding something, I was frustrated beyond belief. This problem doesn’t quite have me at that level of frustration, but it’s getting close.

One day soon I’ll know the answer. But for now, it’s a question for another day. (See? I don’t even know how to end a blog post properly lol)