Warm and snuggly

Thanks to a pattern by the great designer LoriAnn of LoriAnn Costume Designs (look her up on Facebook and Instagram–such great work, and she’s designed a boatload of Simplicity patterns!), I have been working on Christmas gifts for a few friends 🙂

It’s gotten me back into sewing–I’m about to go head off to the craft room right now–and I’m hoping it also gets me back into the cosplay work that has been neglected for the past couple of months. Of course, it helps that one of the patterns I’m using is one of hers…

Making something special for some friends gives me that warm & fuzzy feeling…especially when I’m using warm & fuzzy flannel lol It’s finally gotten me in the holiday spirit, which has been lacking in me so far this season. I guess it’s because my husband has been doing the majority of the Christmas shopping/gift ideas, so I haven’t really participated beyond wrapping the presents.

Off to the craft room, though. These things ain’t gonna sew themselves.