Coming up short

I almost had it! I thought I had bought enough fabric and binding for three hoodie-scarves (hopefully four), and I came up less than three feet short on the binding! Guess it means another trip to JoAnn’s before the holiday…not that I mind going there. 😉

With the holidays fast approaching I’d hoped to finish them all today so I could ship them out in time. I think I’ll still be able to (if I get the afternoon off as is currently planned), but I gotta hustle once I get back from the store this afternoon. I’d like to get them wrapped, packed, and shipped today as well, if I can get them done in time.

I have another gift to ship, too, though that one isn’t a sewing project. It’s a print I made of a drawing I did…I’m such a narcissist when it comes to giving gifts lol

Now that I’m making presents (and not just discussing with my husband what presents we’re going to buy for people), I’m finally getting into the holiday spirit. I can’t wait to decorate the apartment this weekend, get the tree up, and get more wrapping done.

I guess part of it is living in the Southwest. The weather has only just now started getting cold in the mornings and some days chilly in the afternoons. When it’s 80 degrees out, it’s hard to think “Christmas.”

Next year I’ll start the handmade gift planning earlier…then if I run out of binding (or anything else) I’ll have more time to pop to the store and get what I need lol


Warm and snuggly

Thanks to a pattern by the great designer LoriAnn of LoriAnn Costume Designs (look her up on Facebook and Instagram–such great work, and she’s designed a boatload of Simplicity patterns!), I have been working on Christmas gifts for a few friends 🙂

It’s gotten me back into sewing–I’m about to go head off to the craft room right now–and I’m hoping it also gets me back into the cosplay work that has been neglected for the past couple of months. Of course, it helps that one of the patterns I’m using is one of hers…

Making something special for some friends gives me that warm & fuzzy feeling…especially when I’m using warm & fuzzy flannel lol It’s finally gotten me in the holiday spirit, which has been lacking in me so far this season. I guess it’s because my husband has been doing the majority of the Christmas shopping/gift ideas, so I haven’t really participated beyond wrapping the presents.

Off to the craft room, though. These things ain’t gonna sew themselves.

‘Tis the Season

It’s getting to that time of year again. The official holiday season.

Yes, I know, I’m offending some readers by saying “holiday” instead of “Christmas”…but y’know what? Why can’t we be all-inclusive here? There are several holidays at this time of year: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice–I’m sure there are some more that I can’t think of at the moment….so I’m going to say holiday season. The season for holidays. There. Y’all all are included.

Though not a Christian, I actually quite enjoy the Christmas season. I love decorating (even though I’m not a fan of red and green–do you know how difficult it is to find Christmas-type decorations that are blue or silver? Most of them are Hanukkah decorations), I love seeing family and friends, and I love getting gifts for people I care about.

Receiving gifts is fun and all, too, but I actually enjoy the practice of giving gifts more…especially when I can see the look on the recipient’s face when they get something they really wanted, or something that makes them happy.

Yeah, this is sappy and cheesy…but it’s how I feel. My husband and I make a list of people we’re buying for every year and take a lot of time to make sure we’re getting things that people will want. It takes more thought than you might think. You can’t just go, “Oh, this person has such-and-such on their list.” You have to plan, you have to know the person, and you have to ask questions if you can’t think of anything right off the bat. That’s the key to enjoying your holiday season.

Don’t have anyone to buy for? That’s okay. Not everyone has a big family or a lot of friends. I myself hardly have any friends in town, and the few I do have I hardly ever see. Do something nice for someone, anyway. Donate to a charity, buy some toys for some tots…do something. Wallowing in self-pity doesn’t just ruin the holiday season for you, it ruins it for everyone who cares about you (and anyone around you).

“No one cares for me,” you say? Wrong. I don’t care you who are, there’s someone who cares about you. You may not know it, but they’re there. So pick your chin up, grab some eggnog, and give out some gifts. You’ll feel better. Unless you’re allergic to eggnog…then skip that part.