Hello grogginess, my old friend

Good Goddess, I can’t wake up for anything this morning!

I suppose it’s my own fault. I was up “late” (for me, anyway) last night and then woke myself up early–ostensibly to start on cosplay sewing. With how sluggish and groggy I am, though, I’m not quite sure I should be operating a sewing machine.

Coffee is not helping. I wanted to start on the skirt for my Dark Phoenix cosplay this morning and plug through that; it shouldn’t take too long–maybe a couple of early mornings– especially given that the bustle wasn’t a bad project and that was more involved (I’ve never hated elastic as much as I did then lol) but I just can’t. Not this morning. Not even with Phoenix Comicon looming less than a month away.

The writing is on hold temporarily while an editor friend looks it over. I have been ordered not to make any changes until she has had a chance to read through it and offer critique and suggestions. It is very, very hard to not tweak it when I think of something that could be better.

Since I don’t know what changes she’ll suggest (or rather what changes she’ll suggest that I agree with), I can’t work on book 2 either. If the change or changes are sweeping enough to affect the plot/flow of book 2, I need to be ready to make the changes to that book as well. This is difficult as well, because I already don’t like the grand, epic scenes that I wrote most recently. I have decided that one of the primary scenes driving those grand scenes is fatally flawed and must be murdered for the sake of the story. However, if enough changes are make to book 1, it may be a moot point. I suppose I could still delete the offending scenes, but if I did that I don’t think I could restrain myself from rewriting everything.

Rapier fighting is going well. I can “feel the burn” after practices and I have been told by multiple people that I’m doing really well for a beginner. Also, apparently though I’m mainly a passive type of personality in my regular life, once I get a sword in my hand I become “really aggressive” and go on the offensive more than I do in modern-day situations. Put me in a position where I have to make choices or something, I tend to either go on the defensive or take a don’t-rock-the-boat stance on whatever’s going on. With rapier, not so much.

That reminds me: I also have to fix the hood I made for my husband’s fencing mask. I made one that I *thought* was good, but it turns out it’s either not long enough or not heavy enough to prevent the wind from blowing it up over the top of his head and leaving the back of his head exposed. I know how I want to try to fix it, but again, groggy + sewing machine = almost certain disaster. Even now my eyes are crossing and trying to close on me…not ideal conditions for using a machine that pumps a needle with enough force to penetrate skin. I really don’t want to deal with that literal mess this morning.

I guess for now it’s more coffee (or possibly an energy drink) for me. At the minimum I need to get this grogginess out of my system before I have to go to work lol

Not too chicken, after all

Okay, so maybe I didn’t get up and talk to many people. Maybe I stuck to my friends a little too much. Maybe even the few attempts I made at mingling flopped. Still, in the end, I had fun. I even won something!


That’s right; even though I didn’t “win” the Weird Weapon bar fight, I got an A for effort prize–and a weird weapon of my own for next year. šŸ™‚

I wore that chicken with pride the rest of the night, and I received several compliments and congratulations from people on my prize.

Conclusion: The SCA can be fun even for a major introvert like me. There were several points in the day when I felt left out or out of place, but overall I had a great time. I plan on expanding into needlework and possibly illumination (decorating scrolls for awards), but first thing’s first: Phoenix Comicon.

Now that we’ve had our first SCA event as fighters and we have our protective garb for rapier practice, I have nothing holding me back from powering through the cosplay sewing and getting shit done. I’m going to start on the corset next (to give myself plenty of time to order the boning I’ll need) and then the skirt, shirt, my husband’s coat, and, if I have enough time, some bloomers for myself (because I feel really uncomfortable in skirts when I don’t have something underneath). After designing and finishing two three-layer tunics in less than two weeks (with the initial design being for two layers, which meant quite a bit of finagling to get the third on after I had already started), I’m more confident that I can get it all done.

Shopping on my morning off

I know, I know, IĀ should be working on cosplay stuff while I have a rare morning off…

…but Photoshopping cosplay stuff is so much more fun! (Albeit time-consuming)


I took my favorite Dragon Con photo of my husband and found matching Sith/Dalek backgrounds on the Internet. A couple hours later, and I have a print-worthy image of my handsome hubby looking pretty Sithy. Granted, I can’t make it a print because I don’t have ownership of the images I used, so no $$ to be made from this image (not that anyone would buy a cosplay print of us anyway lol)…but still, it was fun.

I’m going to try a couple of photos of myself that I like, see if I can find coordinating TARDIS/Jedi images online. That may be more tricky, because A) while I like some of the photos of me, I still think I look like a whale in them, and B) finding just the right color scheme will be difficult. For some reason, Sith Red is easy to find in a convenient Dalek pattern.

But I don’t have quite the time to do that this morning. Maybe tonight after I get home from work. Gotta put that afternoon shift in. Earn those monies so I can keep making the cosplays to have the pictures taken to edit. Or something.

Spandex madness

I’m getting to a point on the bodysuit for my husband where I want to scream. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to pin one stretchy thing to another stretchy thing while only stretching one of the things? Now I have to sew that mess together somehow. Soon I’ll be off to the craft room to practice on some scrap fabric so I don’t screw up the actual bodysuit.

I fear that I will run into the same issue with the pants when I make the leggings for my Magik cosplay…but the show must go on. Hopefully once I’ve figured this part out it’ll be easier the second time around.

Other than that, the bodysuit has been relatively easy to sew on the serger. I have had a few times when I’ve misjudged the edges and accidentally ended up with a hole in the seam, but it was easily fixable once I figured that part out. I’m really hoping it fits my husband well enough, because if it doesn’t I think I’ma cry. Lol

Soooo close to being done! This weekend my husband and I are going to be painting props (and putting another layer of paint plus a layer of gloss on my boots) so we can have that part over and done with before the con. Still a few minor changes to make in some of the costumes, but I think that whatever can’t be finished before the con can be sewn by hand on the way there. Hell, that’s how I did all of my cosplay stuff until a year ago, so why not finish that way if need be?

Speaking of cosplay, I guess I should get my lazy, Internet-addicted butt in the craft room and try to finish this bodysuit collar. Then I can finally move on to my leggings and then finishing touches! šŸ™‚

What was I so worried about?

I’ve finally bitten the bullet and started on my husband’s Spandex bodysuit for his Shatterstar cosplay, and after a few missteps (mostly due to incorrect pinning on my part), I have decided that the serger isn’t scary. In fact, it’s pretty much awesome! It’s faster than the regular sewing machine and the edges are so much cleaner. The threading isn’t as complicated as everyone made it out to be, and I changed the needles by myself with no problem.

So what was I so scared of when it came to the serger? I mean, really, what was it?

I think it was bad press, so to speak. Some people have so many problems with sergers that they hate the things. I’m loving mine, so I guess it’s a personal preference.

The bodysuit is probably 1/3-1/2 done, with the zipper being the most daunting part at this point. Sewing a non-stretchy thing to a stretchy fabric should be interesting.

After this it’s the Spandex pants for my Magik cosplay, then on to little things that need making or fixing. I want to make a pouch to go on my belt so I have something to carry my phone and ID/cards in. Thanks to sales at JoAnn’s & Hobby Lobby, I don’t have to make up a design for the pouch–I have a pattern to use! šŸ™‚

I’d be working on the cosplays this morning, but it’s yet another surgery day at work and it’s hard to get into the process of pinning and sewing when I’ve got less time to get ready for work. On these days, it feels like I barely get anything started before I have to stop and take my shower.

I’ll start sewing after work, though. Gotta get done….getting down to the wire, justĀ two more weeks until we’re on the road to Dragon Con!

T-minus 3 weeks

It’s getting to countdown time for Dragon Con. I have the sleeves (Gods, I hate sleeves) and some topstitching to do for the Magik shrug/jacket and then all the Spandex stuff. I’m hoping I can finish on time! There are also minor finishes/fixes on other costumes, but I’m trying to keep those for the very last (they’re things I can sew on the road on the way to Dragon Con). The corset/bustier is going to be a hot mess, but I think I can salvage it once the steel boning comes in. It was my first time working with pleather, and it’s a difficult material to work with.

Spandex is such a new medium for me that I’m going to have to practice on my serger with scraps until I get the hang of it. I know I’ll have to fiddle with the settings & stuff…oh yeah, and I’m sewing a zipper onto one of them. Fun. I’m trying to psych myself up for it, though. IĀ have to get it done, so I can’t worry that I won’t get it done. I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish the bodysuit for my husband before I get to my leggings, so I might have to order leggings from Amazon (yay for Prime free/fast shipping!) at the last minute if I can’t finish those. I will feel no shame if I can’t make 100% of the costume myself. Buying one piece will be just fine with me if I jack it up or can’t finish.

Tick tock. The days are flying by, but at the same time I feel more relaxed. Weird.

A matter of time…

So I think I got my motivation for cosplay back…the problem is, today I just don’t have much time to work on it.

Today’s a long, early day at work, which means I don’t have the time to sew that I’d like to have. On the plus side, though, I’m back to wanting to sew.

I have an interview with an actress after work today, so I probably won’t get any sewing done then, but hopefully tomorrow morning I can get a little bit done. Now that I figured out the secret to getting the pleather to move through the sewing machine easier, it shouldn’t be too bad to get the rest of it done. Next after the corset is the shrug, which should be easy enough once I get the proportions figured out. Stupid fat arms lol I have to modify the pattern a bit to get my upper arms to fit it. Gonna be a mock-up for sure.

Then on to theĀ really scary part: Spandex! I saved that for last because I knew A- I have never worked with it before (& it’s a bit terrifying to even think about) & B- I know that the two things I have to make with the Spandex can be purchased online easily enough, if it comes down to that. We’ll see. I don’t want to be relying on Amazon Prime to get our last costume pieces here on time, but if that’s what it comes down to then that’s what we’ll do. I can always use the Spandex later, either to improve on what we bought or to make something new.

Life is going to get interesting in the coming months & even the next couple of years, but I think I can handle it. Just have to get to/through Dragon Con and then I’ll have some breathing room. Maybe even time for writing? Who knows.

Almost time to get ready for work!

Pleather problems

So I didn’t realize the pleather wouldĀ stretch so much when I started sewing it to the interfacing I have. Like, a lot. I wanted to use the stronger sew-on interfacing that I had left over from the jacket I made for my husband, but it’s clear now that I need to use the fusible interfacing that the pattern suggests. When I find it, that is…it is most likely underneath a huge pile of fabric, so I need to straighten up in the craft room a bit.Ā IĀ should be straightening up right now…but I don’t feel like it lol I’m frustrated by this development, thus I am taking a break before I take my frustration out on my fabric.

Now I know how the pleatherĀ reacts, though, and the leather needles I bought to sew it with seem to work really well for it. Clean punches through the pleather, no jamming. So that’s good.

In other news, the PokĆ©mon Go exercise is still in full swing. I think I’ve missed only two or three days since I started playing two weeks ago, which for me is fantastic. That’s 2 1/2 miles a day on average, not counting missed days. Not bad for a couch potato. Bed potato? Regardless, IĀ have the shape and mannerisms of a potato. Minus the extra eyes. Or something. I haven’t lost much weight–mere ounces, if the scale at my work is any indication–but I’m still proud of myself for getting the exercise. And hey, it keeps me off drugs. (Okay, so I never did drugs anyway…what was my point again?) I even got to hang out with a friend that I hadn’t seen in a few months.

I’m tempted to go on a PokĆ©-walk when the sun comes up, regardless of whether or not my husband is awake. He’s three levels ahead of me; I need to step up my game. Maybe I’ll mess around with strengthening the gym that we (the blue team) hold down the street. I’m not 100% sure on how to do that, but from what I understand it’s just like taking control of a gym except you’re fighting your own guys? I don’t know. I only just fought in a gym for the first time last night. Not the most thrilling thing, but it was cool taking down PokĆ©mons stronger than mine. Yes, I know that’s not the plural. I’m still calling themĀ PokĆ©mons.

Let’s see, what else has happened in the two days I missed posting? Uh…nothing much, really.

Oh! I am seriously considering dyeing my hair, if I can find a person that can do what I want.

fire hair

I would rock this. I just can’t do it myself, and I don’t know anyone in town here that I would trust to do it. I know a great stylist in Phoenix, but not only is she expensive (for my budget) but she’s usually pretty booked, and for good reason. She’s had two local artist showcases of her clients’ hair up in Phoenix, which is pretty cool. It helps that she’s also incredibly friendly and personable. The bubbly type, at least the one time I met her in person. I’ve known her for a year through Facebook, but only met her once at Phoenix Comicon. Anyway, sidetracked–I want that hair pictured above. A lot. I want to flip my hair and have it look like flickering fire. And I can pull off red tones–I’ve done it plenty of times before. Maybe after Dragon Con? But I don’t know that I want to wait that long. I’mĀ really digging this look.