No loss of time, but lost time anyway

One good thing about living in Arizona (besides the weather): No daylight savings time adjustment.

One bad thing? My husband works from home for a company based out of California, so he had to “spring forward” in a manner of speaking by starting work an hour earlier (since Cali did do the time change). Which means my little bit of “sleeping in” today was interrupted by his alarm.

Oddly enough, the sleeping in has screwed with my morning productivity. I’ve been doing pretty much nothing but talking with people on Facebook messenger for the past two hours. No writing, no editing, nothing of import. I made an energy drink with our Soda Stream (great invention) and took my morning pills, had a few bites of yogurt for breakfast to get me through til lunch, and that’s about it. Haven’t made my lunch for work yet, haven’t taken my shower and gotten dressed, haven’t done much of anything.

I think my body wanted to sleep off some of the aches and pains from the previous day. Yesterday I was sore all day long (as though I had done a heavy workout, without the physical benefits of working out), which has somewhat carried over to today but not as severe.

Part of that aching may stem from the couple of hours I spent sitting on an awkward but much-appreciated stool while watching SCA fighter practice with some friends yesterday. Well, I watched; my husband and our friends participated. I have never done fencing or rapier fighting and was a little apprehensive about trying it out. Now I’m excited for the chance to do something fun that counts as exercise. Hopefully I’ll be out of my boot next Friday and will be able to join in.

There’s some deciding to do as to what “persona” I’ll take for SCA. I want to do a medieval Viking-type character, but my husband–who wants to do couples’ characters–isn’t too keen on the Viking thing. He wants to do Celtic, but I’m kinda Celtic’d out. I know that technically Vikings are more of a fad now than Celtics (thanks to the History Channel show) but I want to be a shieldmaiden. Yeah, yeah, Celts had warrior women as well…but damnit, I wanna be named after a valkyrie and beat on people with sticks. Or use rapier finesse. Whichever ends up being more suitable for me. I don’t quite understand a Viking using a rapier, but I don’t fully understand how SCA LARPing works yet, either, so I’m going to give it a shot.

Our friends who are in the SCA are nice, and they seem very inclusive. I just hope they stay friends. Our luck with friends the past few years hasn’t been the greatest. But that’s how friendships are: they move and grow and evolve and change and often that change includes a rift that can’t be crossed.

Hopefully I’m back to my early morning schedule tomorrow. I have to get back in the swing of early morning productivity, especially with the boot soon to be off and the sewing back in action. Two and a half months until Phoenix Comicon–gotta get cracking!



Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey

Okay, this is a bit of a rant.

Arizona does not observe daylight savings time. To simplify it, half of the year it’s on Mountain time and half of the year Pacific. It makes TV watching interesting at times, because you have to adjust your viewing times to the time change.

Now, I suppose that’s the reason that my local NBC station airs shows on Mountain time still despite Arizona being on the same time schedule as Pacific viewers.

Local NBC station, you screwed up.

So here’s why I’m annoyed: I live tweet shows for Talk Nerdy With Us from time to time. Live tweeting during a Mountain standard time airing blows. Nobody else is live tweeting at that time; the big live tweets are East coast (Eastern) and West coast (Pacific) times. I had planned on live tweeting a season finale tonight, but I couldn’t…because I missed the first half. If it aired at the “right” time, I would have caught the whole thing. This also put me off from the other live tweeters. The Pacific live tweeters were just starting the episode, not halfway through it like my station was.

Time should not be that complicated, local NBC station. You were airing this show at 8pm when Arizona was in sync with Mountain time. Air it at the same time when daylight savings ends. It’s that simple. It’s Arizona time. Not whenever-the-fuck-you-want-it-to-be time. You don’t have to play with time itself to get viewers. Yeah, if I had realized your fuckery I would have been able to see the show an hour earlier. But then what? I would have had a lousy time live tweeting. Could I have recorded it? Maybe, but it was a two-hour episode, so I would have had to play the first half while the second half was recording–something that I know my TV has the capability of doing, but fuck if I know how.

In closing, quit fucking with time, local NBC station. You aren’t the Doctor. You aren’t a Time Lord. You aren’t special. Just keep it on Arizona time. Air it at the same bat-time, and I might keep watching the same bat-channel.