Ideas aplenty, but lost for motivation

Pinterest is both heaven and hell.

I have found dozens and dozens of ideas and tutorials for the steampunk cosplays I’m making for next year’s Phoenix Comicon, but I haven’t been able to motivate myself to get started on anything but the breastplate for my Dark Phoenix.

Well, I take that back. I cut two pieces for my husband’s steampunk pants and pinned several more pieces. And that’s about it.

I don’t know why I can’t seem to get started in earnest. It’s not like I don’t have the time. I just can’t seem to force myself to work on it for very long before I drift back to the computer. Or, like yesterday, to my adult coloring books. Because coloring is fun…or something.

Tomorrow morning I may have some time to get started in earnest before we go to my parents’ house for laundry & our weekly “family bonding time” visit. I’m also going to spray paint the phoenix breastplate gold. I’m really hoping the color comes out nice. I picked a spray paint that wasn’t super shiny (because I didn’t really want that “smooth” look; I’m kinda digging how so far the craft foam has a leathery texture to it) but still would bring some of that bright gold to the piece. Maybe once I get most of the breastplate done–or at least this part; I won’t be able to do the harness for a while yet–I can focus more on my husband’s outfit.

I’ll definitely post pictures once the gold is on there, because I’m excited for that part to be done. The breastplate looks good black, and there is a version of Dark Phoenix that has a black breastplate, but, well….


Yeah, no. Not for me. Not unless I lose like 100 lbs before Phoenix Comicon 2017 (highly unlikely)…and even then, I’m not relying on Spirit Glue or dress tape or whatever it is that’s keeping that fucker on there. Hell no. No, my breastplate is going to be over a shirt and corset. I may like corsets in my cosplays, but I don’t like showing skin too much, at least not at my weight. (Not that there’s anything wrong with plus-size cosplay or even plus-size cosplay that shows skin…just not my gig.) And I’m not risking a “wardrobe malfunction” when that thing inevitably falls off of me.

Last night I figured out the color scheme for my dress and corset. I was having a hard time deciding on colors, because I wanted to incorporate a bronze-colored fabric to tie in to the hints of bronze on the top hat, but then I had the epiphany to import an image of the pattern I’ll be using–Simplicity 8159, by LoriAnn Costume Designs (Google her! She is amazing and she’s designed a bunch of patterns for Simplicity…and they all look gorgeous. I’ve become somewhat of a collector of them, even though I doubt I’ll get around to making all of the ones I have)–to Photoshop and play around with the fabric colors I want.

This is what the finished dress on the pattern package looks like:


And this is the color scheme I am going for (keeping in mind that my Photoshop skills suck, but at least it gave me a visual on what I was doing):


I’ll be omitting the hat, collar/tie, white gloves (I’ll probably make yellow ones), and book (of course), but here it shows that I’ll be keeping it mostly red and yellow (the more traditional colors for Dark Phoenix’s costume) with just that hint of bronze to tie it all in. And the brown binding will all be gold. I think it’ll turn out looking excellent, and can’t wait to get started on it.

Maybe that’s why I am dragging my feet on making my husband’s cosplay: I’m so excited to get mine started! His will look cool as well, but sometimes the men’s patterns frustrate me when I get to sewing and I often have to take breaks to work out how the pieces are supposed to go together. The patterns always have pictures/diagrams on what to do, but sometimes the mechanics of it don’t “click” with me until I’ve taken time off to think it over. Then it clicks, and I go back to sewing with a vengeance.

This weekend I need to get started on his costume in earnest. I have to, or else I might never get my ass in gear. I know I have plenty of time, but my costume will be time-consuming as well because of the massive amounts of fabric I’ll be working with.

Gotta get started. This evening. Or maybe tomorrow……


On Fire

My creative juices have really been flowing lately, and it feels great!

I’ve finally made my first complete foam armor cosplay piece (minus the paint job and leather harness), and I’m pretty proud of myself.

If you follow me on other social media, you’ve likely already seen at least one picture of this, if not more…but I can’t help myself! Here it is, my phoenix foam armor 🙂


Sure, there are some rough edges that need sanding, and I still have to put grommets in it to attach it to a harness for wearing, but it looks damn good if you ask me. I can hardly wait to get some gold spray paint for it.

I still need to get the fabric for this cosplay, but I have the fabric for my husband’s steampunk Cyclops already. Still a few things to get for that, too, but for the most part I can get started as soon as I finish remaking the corset for the Magik cosplay (which, sadly, still looks as crappy as the first, but at least with this one the bones shouldn’t come out at all).

So geeked out about these steampunk cosplays, and I haven’t even really started! It’s going to be so much fun to have finished products to be able to show y’all. Eventually lol

The gears are turning…

I think I’ve finally had a breakthrough on the steampunk Cyclops cosplay for my husband. I had been trying to figure out what to do about the “X” symbol and how to incorporate it while making it more “steampunk” when it hit me: Do a cog/gear with an X in the middle of it!

Granted, it’s a simple and likely common solution to that little dilemma, but I think if I find the right design to print out I can transfer it to polymer clay easily enough and bake myself a little X for his costume. The tricky part will be getting it even, because I suck at rolling the clay to an even thickness.

I am brimming with so many ideas for these cosplays that I almost hate that I have to redo the corset for my Magik cosplay. I want to get started on the steampunk cosplays and see what I can create from the patterns and fabrics I have. I’ve already got several ideas for how to make new things that I think will really enhance the costumes. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s the cold medicine talking. Either way, should be interesting once they’re done. I almost wish there was another con before Phoenix Comicon that we could wear them to.

Oh, wait! I think there is! Tucson has an annual Wild Wild West Con, which is a steampunk convention. Hmm….wonder if I can convince hubby to go for that one………..

I totally should be sleeping right now. Resting. Recuperating. But no, the little gears in my head are moving too fast to be stopped now. Soon, my creations will come to life!