My General

It’s finally hit me. 2016 has finally broken my spirit in a way I hadn’t thought possible.

I didn’t think I could get upset about the death of a celebrity. But here I am, almost in tears over Carrie Fisher’s passing.

She was more than a princess of Alderaan. She was more than the sum of her roles. She was a bright spirit, a clever wit, a fighter and a role model. She didn’t apologize for who she was.

She was also a mental health advocate. That is extremely important to me as a bipolar person. Knowing that someone could be so fun and full of life with the illness. It gives us what Princess Leia gave a whole galaxy: hope.

I’m going to do some soul searching after this. I have to decide how I’m going to make the most of my life. I’m going to write more. I’m going to make more cosplay, more art, more anything. 2017 and the following years will be more. I’ll take better care myself.

I don’t want to join the Force just yet. I’ve got things to do.

May the Force be with you, General Organa. You will be missed.