The Life of an Indoor Cat

When you find something soft, you knead it

When you’re hungry, the giant hairless cats bring you food

If you want, you can hunt those little buzzing flying things that get in from time to time

When you’re tired, anything can be a bed

When you want to play, anything can be a toy

When you want scratches, you get scratches

When you don’t want scratches, you give scratches

Licking your butt is socially acceptable

So is drinking out of a toilet

You can do pretty much whatever you want (except get on the dining table or kitchen counter)

Climbing up to high places is fun and cool…unless it happens to be the china cabinet

You get loving and cuddles when it’s cold

The giant hairless cat thinks it’s their idea to give you loving and cuddles when its cold

The giant hairless cats can be annoying, but they’re your favorite cats and you miss them when they leave and love them when they come back, even though they come back with different smells

The life of a cat

Man, some days I wish I could be a housecat.

Sleeping all the time. When I’m not sleeping, I’m eating, drinking, or playing. I have people that love me. I have food provided. I have sand to poop in.

Any surface is a bed. Any surface. I can get comfortable in the most uncomfortable of positions. My house is my domain, even when I’m the smallest person there.

Any thing is a toy. Any thing. A ball. A bell. A pen. A ball of my own fur. The only limits to my play are the limits to my imagination … which has no limits.

I am loved so much. I get petted and scratched and snuggled. My every need provided, my every want met.

Some days I wish I could be a housecat.