Movin’ on up


Yep, I’ve gotten some pretty good news in the last 12 hours or so. Some of it I can tell you, some I have to keep hush-hush until next week 😉

First off, the news I can’t tell (because spoilers) : Got a great new opportunity that, while it won’t make me any more money, will look good on bios and resumes and should be a lot of fun.

Secondly: I made my first sale on my Etsy shop! Have to get it ready to ship out today so it can be on the way to its new owner. 🙂 Also have to figure out how much it weighs with packing, because I don’t have an official postal scale. I wonder if my husband’s kitchen scale will do the trick……

So today’s starting out exciting. Work will be work, but hopefully with this stuff in the back of my mind it won’t be too bad. Yeah, I’ve got das boot, but I think I can handle the hassle if it means I have these other things to look forward to. I might even treat myself to a little something later today (with the small amount of $$ I got from the sale lol). This might even spark more creative activity that’s kind of gone to the side for quite some time. Need to make more goodies for the shop.

My husband wants me to make some purses for the Etsy shop like the sugar skull Stormtrooper one I made for myself, but I’m debating on that. It’s a pain to make, but if I can figure out a faster/cheaper way of making it I might give it a go. Might. We shall see.

Grand Designs

The first sketch is drawn up for my first phoenix wall sculpture and I’m pretty excited. I have to work around my work schedule and the time I get over at my parents’ house (since apartment neighbors frown on excessive fumes from heat sealing, contact cement, and spray paint).

Gotta start scanning art to my computer too. Now that I have a quality scanner that scans & prints larger-sized images, I can take advantage of that and make my own art prints. I may start making more clay designs in coming weeks as well. I had planned on getting at least one new item up in the Etsy shop each week, so I have to start producing more stuff. No product, no $$. Basic economics.

Since I don’t have the time this morning to actually start cutting foam for anything, I may sketch up something else to make as well. I’ve considered a dragon sculpture, and I’ve gotten some suggestions of things like a flying unicorn or even a flying pig! (I gotta admit, the pig thing’s kinda funny….And I happen to know where I can get bright pink craft foam) 😉

And, of course, I’m going to retake some of the photos of the things I’ve already listed on Etsy. I want to get better quality images, with good lighting, that showcase the art.

But first thing’s first: shower. Then doctor’s appointment. Then work. Then artsy stuff. 🙂