Picture day

It’s funny how, well, funny people are about having their picture taken. Some people will take selfies ten times a day, but have someone else pull out a camera or phone and they’re suddenly shy or self conscious. Some people, like me, feel awkward and ugly without makeup, and some obsess over their hair or outfit.

I’m all of the above.

Imagine my horror and chagrin at the outcome of some of my photo ops from last weekend’s Phoenix Comicon. Granted, in one photo I managed to remember to tilt my head up so I didn’t have 5+ chins in the photo, but for the other two I had the worst case of derpface I’ve ever seen. Head tilted down, chins aplenty, and some kind of weird psycho grin that would terrify small children.
Why are we so weird about how we look in photos? I mean, I don’t spend any time during the day worrying about whether or not I have more than one chin showing or if my smile looks goofy, so why do I care if a photo looks weird?

Maybe it’s because photos are a kind of immortality, especially in this day of Internet sharing and such. A derpface that you don’t see or are allowed to forget is a derpface that never happened. A derpface that’s hanging on the wall with you standing next to one of your favorite celebrities? Yeah. Those are painful. Brutal even.

I’m trying to get better about it, trying to remind myself that if it doesn’t matter in everyday then it shouldn’t matter in photos. Why should I care if it’s how I look all the time? I should accept who I am get over it, right? Yeah, not so easy. Even with makeup and a gorgeous wig and an outfit that blew the actor’s mind, all I see is the derpface with the extra chins.

I’ve got to get over that, and everyone else needs to as well. The face you put out there is your face, your identity… It’s who you are. Makeup is fake, poses are fake, push-up bras are fake, corsets are fake–you get the point. Again, I’m guilty of all of the above, but at least it’s not on a daily basis. I try to make the makeup a minimal thing, and only when I am either going to a special event/evening out or if I’m “in the mood to look pretty.”

Today was a photo day at work.

I decided I was in the mood to look pretty for it.

Baby steps. Baby steps.

Wigging out

It’s the weekend of Wild Wild West Con, and even though I don’t have a steampunk cosplay to wear to it I think I’m going to wear my Phoenix wig from Arda Wigs (check them out; they have an awesome selection of wigs as well as cosmetics links and tutorials on their page: https://www.arda-wigs.com/ ). Gotta get used to wearing the wig for Phoenix Comicon, and besides, it’s cute!

I need to brush it to get the tangles out an make it look nicer, but I love it. Can’t wait to wear it with the rest of my Dark Phoenix cosplay at the con in May. Yeah, the bangs cover up the awesome eye makeup I did, but I think once I have the wig brushed and styled better it will look pretty good.

Since I started cosplaying, I’ve developed a fondness for wigs. The wig for my Magik cosplay (sorry, don’t remember the name of the con booth I got it at) is a little odd to wear because it’s long and heavy so I have to keep adjusting it, but I love it as well.


I have to get a decent wig cap. I’m sure I can find one at, like, Wal-Mart or something, because I’ve seen stuff like that there for people who wear wigs daily. I think that might solve the adjustment problem. Still, it looks pretty cool and definitely changes up my look quite a bit. I’m still recognizable as me–can’t hide that nose very well, except once I get my mask done for the steampunk cosplay–but I’m also different. It’s kind of cool.

I’ve been debating finding a wig that would go with my Jedi/TARDIS cosplay, but that would be tricky to wear because of the hood. I suppose once I get accustomed to a wig cap and pins to hold the wigs in place the hood wouldn’t be too much of a problem, but I may end up with the same frizz/flyaway problem I have with my natural hair in that hood.

Cosplay is definitely addicting, even for a plus-sized girl like me. I like that I can alter costumes to be more modest (see previous post about Wild Wild West Con and my past cosplays for pics of the Magik character and the outfit I ended up wearing) and still be recognizable as the character. It’ll be interesting to see how many people “get” my steampunk Dark Phoenix (as I won’t be anywhere near the actual character’s design), but I think the top hat and breastplate will help immensely.

Oh, and another fun thing I get to try: spray body paint! My husband got me an airbrush kit for Valentine’s Day, so I might airbrush my arms with some cool flames to go with the outfit, and possibly my legs as well. Not my face–I’m terrified of getting airbrush body paint anywhere near my eyes–but yeah, some flames would look cool. Better practice posing 😉 And better get to sewing…once the stupid boot is off.

Jealous of my own creation

Ever hear that some characters, especially main characters, are based at least in part on the author? It happens–bits of you bleed into the work. But damn, I wish I was Clare.

Well, I don’t want to be so short. But the hair I have given her has me obsessed. I want the character to have a fire-ombre hairstyle, and now I want it. Like, I can’t afford hundreds of dollars to get it professionally done (and by professionally, I mean done right), but I also have never attempted an ombre dye. I sooooo want it though.


Image stolen from Pinterest, but damn that’s some hot-ass shit right there. I want it so bad! Grr.

My character can dye her hair however she wants it. She can go wild with her colors or let it go natural (which isn’t in her nature, but she can).

Want want want want want. Who knows…it might end up happening. I might bite the bullet & try it. Of course, there’s the little problem of my husband not wanting me to dye my hair, but that’s just a few conversations and a little coaxing, especially if I do it myself.

Or have a friend do it? I don’t know.

So tempted. So tempted.

Dragon Con: Day 1

Well, the first day of my first Dragon Con came & went without much excitement. Well, okay, I got to see an awesome Patricia Briggs panel and bought a wig to go with my next cosplay (a wig that I am now obsessed with–it’s gorgeous!), but otherwise it was a pretty standard con day. Nothing out of the ordinary or overly exciting.

I didn’t get many pictures taken, mostly because the con was so crowded that it made picture taking nigh impossible. I have one decent pic of my Temari from Naruto cosplay and one eh pic of my husband (I tried, but I kept forgetting to take a better one when he had the gourd on properly).

Today will be our Star Wars/Doctor Who mashup cosplays, which I hope are a hit. I know a lot of people at Phoenix Comicon loved my skirt, but as I said, there wasn’t much room yesterday to take photos. I don’t know if there will be many photos taken of us today. I’ll try to at least get a couple of good motel room photos (complete with lightsabers!) after we’re all dressed & ready to go.

I have my usual insomnia, which means I’m wide awake at 3am & nobody else is. I’ll probably fall back asleep after a while, but for now I’m up.

I almost want to wear my new wig today with my mashup cosplay just because I’m in love with the fire hair, but it will have to wait. It doesn’t quite match the cosplay & I don’t want to find out what kind of a hassle a wig plus a hood will become. Still, it looks badass:


Bad. Ass. Perfect for my next cosplay project: Steampunk Dark Phoenix! More photos on that as I get the costume designed and ready. It’ll be a long way off, because it’s just for next year’s Phoenix Comicon so I have plenty of time (for once).

Well, off to find something to occupy myself until either I fall asleep or someone else wakes up!

Pleather problems

So I didn’t realize the pleather would stretch so much when I started sewing it to the interfacing I have. Like, a lot. I wanted to use the stronger sew-on interfacing that I had left over from the jacket I made for my husband, but it’s clear now that I need to use the fusible interfacing that the pattern suggests. When I find it, that is…it is most likely underneath a huge pile of fabric, so I need to straighten up in the craft room a bit. I should be straightening up right now…but I don’t feel like it lol I’m frustrated by this development, thus I am taking a break before I take my frustration out on my fabric.

Now I know how the pleather reacts, though, and the leather needles I bought to sew it with seem to work really well for it. Clean punches through the pleather, no jamming. So that’s good.

In other news, the Pokémon Go exercise is still in full swing. I think I’ve missed only two or three days since I started playing two weeks ago, which for me is fantastic. That’s 2 1/2 miles a day on average, not counting missed days. Not bad for a couch potato. Bed potato? Regardless, I have the shape and mannerisms of a potato. Minus the extra eyes. Or something. I haven’t lost much weight–mere ounces, if the scale at my work is any indication–but I’m still proud of myself for getting the exercise. And hey, it keeps me off drugs. (Okay, so I never did drugs anyway…what was my point again?) I even got to hang out with a friend that I hadn’t seen in a few months.

I’m tempted to go on a Poké-walk when the sun comes up, regardless of whether or not my husband is awake. He’s three levels ahead of me; I need to step up my game. Maybe I’ll mess around with strengthening the gym that we (the blue team) hold down the street. I’m not 100% sure on how to do that, but from what I understand it’s just like taking control of a gym except you’re fighting your own guys? I don’t know. I only just fought in a gym for the first time last night. Not the most thrilling thing, but it was cool taking down Pokémons stronger than mine. Yes, I know that’s not the plural. I’m still calling them Pokémons.

Let’s see, what else has happened in the two days I missed posting? Uh…nothing much, really.

Oh! I am seriously considering dyeing my hair, if I can find a person that can do what I want.

fire hair

I would rock this. I just can’t do it myself, and I don’t know anyone in town here that I would trust to do it. I know a great stylist in Phoenix, but not only is she expensive (for my budget) but she’s usually pretty booked, and for good reason. She’s had two local artist showcases of her clients’ hair up in Phoenix, which is pretty cool. It helps that she’s also incredibly friendly and personable. The bubbly type, at least the one time I met her in person. I’ve known her for a year through Facebook, but only met her once at Phoenix Comicon. Anyway, sidetracked–I want that hair pictured above. A lot. I want to flip my hair and have it look like flickering fire. And I can pull off red tones–I’ve done it plenty of times before. Maybe after Dragon Con? But I don’t know that I want to wait that long. I’m really digging this look.