Mind Meld

As I work to salvage some of what’s left Book 2’s first draft, I find myself coming to a sort of “meeting of the minds.” My minds, that is.

Bits and pieces of the original Book 2 draft are, in fact, salvageable. What’s interesting is that some of the new bits and pieces fit right in with the old bits and pieces–with a little strategic revision, of course.

^^ Ah, so that’s where I fell asleep ^^

Continuing where I dozed off, I’ll have to add a considerable amount of work to make this a full book. Because of my fondness for chapters with different POVs (hey, it worked in Whispers of Death! Lol), half of what I wrote for the first draft is not usable in this draft. Oh, I can use the info, sure, provided I can weave it in right, but I can’t actually use what I’ve previously written. No chapters from Eli or Harper’s POV if I can avoid it.

That makes the upcoming part tricky. Things have happened and will happen that will cut my MC, Clare, off from pretty much everyone. How do I show what Eli and Harper are doing without the POV chapters?

I’ll figure it out. I had to do it for Abnormal, when I put in a bunch of extraneous chapters that turned out to be unnecessary, and like now I worried about my ability to convey the information without those secondary POV chapters. So I should stop worrying and get to writing.


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