All the trimmings

I went to the store for just a couple yards of one thing. Just one trim.


I left the store with three yards of the one trim, four yards of another, and eight yards of yet another trim. I think I have a bit of a problem.

I had good reason, though: I mean, an extra yard of the black to be on the safe side, right? And the shiny white braided will go nicely with my Italian Renaissance gown. So, y’know, I kinda needed it. And the matte white braid? Well, I think it will go well with a tunic I plan on making. Good reasons, right?

This all is in addition to several yards of another trim that I negotiated for yesterday to go with my Renaissance dress. Not that I’m all blinging my garb to the max. I’m just using these trims as accents to liven it up a bit. I’m even hoping to find new and better trims (better than the JoAnn’s selection, anyway) at the next big event we’re going to. Vendors at events tend to have more period-style trims as opposed to the quasi-period “it’ll have to do” styles in modern commercial chain stores.

The little details can really make or break a garment. I used plain red fabric to make my own “trim” in a couple of tunics, and people absolutely love them. Plain white tops with some knotwork buttons? Meh. Add a pop of red around the collar, front, and sleeve cuffs, and they wow ’em. These trims that I snagged this weekend could earn me some compliments. Not that I do this specifically for the praise; it just feels good when people who have been sewing for decades compliment you on work that you’ve done with just over two years of experience.

A little rapier today, then some more sewing tonight and into the morning. And the next night. And the next morning. Etc, etc, etc, probably right up until the day we leave for the event.

I’ve certainly got my hands full. Literally. I’m hand-sewing most, if not all, of this trim on! Lol


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