Posted: July 15, 2017 in #nerd, Exercise, fencing, Geek

Here I am, “camping” at an event. Yeah, there are no showers and I have to make do with Port-a-Johns, but I don’t know that I would call this true camping. Coolers aplenty, modern food (French toast for breakfast this morning), civilization just twenty or thirty minutes away, and, obviously, Internet access.

Still, for someone who freaks out at the first sign of bugs and who burns just looking at the sun, I guess it’s sorta camping. More like glamping though.

So far it has been mostly fun. I don’t know very many people at the event, so socially-awkward introvert me is feeling a little out of place–more than civilized me even. People here have mostly known each other for years and years, some for decades, so they have stories to tell and delayed experiences. I know that I’ll eventually get to know people and have my own stories, but for now I’m just sitting off to the side feeling left out.

One day I’ll be more comfortable with all this social stuff… But right now, I have to suck it up deal.


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