Sew busy

It’s time to rev up the sewing machine again. As we near our first “war,” I’ve got a tight deadline for getting two full garb outfits done. I started yesterday, and we leave for the event Thursday–which means it’s crunch time now. How do I get myself into these situations?

The good news is, I had the pieces of garb that I’d already made as “patterns” to start out with. That made the bare bones part easy enough, and I just built from there. The first tunic (the one that’s for me) came out … not very Viking-ey. Not that it didn’t turn out well, per se, but aside from the knotwork design on the buttons it really doesn’t read “Viking” at all. Observe:


Yeah, I know, the lighting sucks. Still, you can see that it’s not quite “right.” I can fix it with some embroidery I think, but that obviously won’t be something I can do in time for this weekend.

My husband’s tunic hopefully will be better now that I think I know where I went wrong. A little tweaking on the red part of the design and it should work. I think. Maybe.

Once his tunic is done (hopefully tomorrow morning) then it’ll be time to crank out the pants. Those have less “design” to them as they’re all one color, and again I can use the ones I made earlier as patterns.

I guess it’s a good thing I have so much experience with Con Crunch, because I’m much less stressed about being able to finish. If I can finish complicated cosplay pieces in a stressful crunch situation, then these basic tunics and pants should be a snap. No need to sweat it. I got this.


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