Sweet tooth

I don’t cook much–practically never–but when I do take the time to make something from scratch, about 80% of the time it’s dessert.

It’s probably a good thing that I hate cooking, because if I did I’d be even more obese than I am now. As such, Pinterest has become a place to drool over the various dessert recipes while maintaining a semblance of self-control. I can add recipes to a board and satisfy my “cravings,” in a way, without consuming large quantities of sugar.

Now that I’m in a regular gaming group again, though, I feel bad for not contributing to food other than occasionally bringing prepackaged snacks. Sure, my husband cooks, but it’s not the same as¬†me making something…and since dessert is where I tend to do best, dessert is what I think I’ll plan. I’ve found eleventy different dessert recipes on Pinterest with varying degrees of difficulty, so I’m confident I can choose one that I can make without screwing it up. There are even no-bake ones!

I think next week I’ll branch out into the kitchen and make something for my friends to enjoy. I still haven’t decided exactly¬†what dessert I’ll make yet, though…


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