Beyond weary

Less than two weeks until Phoenix Comicon. Less than two weeks to finish the coat for my husband (which I started sewing this morning–progress!), and less than two weeks to clean up the craft room for our company that will be in town.

I’m more and more confident that I can finish the coat in time, but the stress of having to hurry to finish it, combined with the usual stress of work, is starting to wear on me. I didn’t even want to eat dinner when I got home from a twelve hour shift yesterday; if my husband hadn’t been there to make me eat, I would have gone straight to bed at 5:45 and probably slept clean through til morning.

As it is, with my Adderall and an energy drink I’m still struggling to keep my eyes open. I have to catch my ride to work in about 15 minutes, and I still can’t really wake up.

Aaaand as I typed that I remembered that I never put my Adderall in with my other morning pills when I was getting them ready for the week. FML.

Hopefully it kicks in before patients start showing up.



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