Speed cosplay


Tick-tock, tick-tock…Phoenix Comicon is just 26 days or so away…and I have so much more to sew!

I have the corset almost finished (need to order boning, get grommets, and put the top trim on once the boning is in–oh, and get lacing for it) and am about to start on the shirt to wear under it…Except that shirt pattern is too small for me. Guess I’m finding a similar shirt that I own that does fit me and using it to make a pattern.

The skirts might be tricky in that I will have to alter them as well to get them to fit. I had to add some width to the corset (which may or may not work; won’t know until I get the boning in and close it up) and my butt’s much bigger than my waist lol

Guess I’ll get back to working on it before I have to get back to the day job.

26 days.




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