Why do I do this to myself?

Yeah, yeah, I’m cutting it down to the wire again on yet another garment. I have two days and some change to finish my husband’s tunic for rapier fighting, and there’s a lot left to do.

I think I can do it, but I hate that I keep​doing this to myself. All this stress is basically because I procrastinated on the cosplay stuff for months and then the whole broken foot thing happened and I couldn’t sew. Now? Now I have a ton of hand sewing that I have to do (but at least the machine sewing will be​ quick) in a very short time. Maybe I can just finish it enough to be fight ready and do the rest of the trim after Saturday?

At least once this is done I can buckle down on cosplay and get that done. I’ll have to alter the pattern for my outfit a little to make it fit right (stupid weight gain) then once that is done I’ll finish my husband’s pants (basically need to add belt loops) and consider myself done.
There are more ​things I wanted to make for my cosplay, but I guess those will have to wait for the next con. I just won’t have time.

Next time you see me post about procrastinating on cosplay or other sewing, comment on the post and tell me to get my butt in gear. You have my permission lol


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