Procrastination can be fun…and so, so boring

Posted: April 15, 2017 in Education, Learning, Reading, Stress, Time, Work

Procrastinating: a long-standing tradition of doing things other than the thing you need to do in order to avoid doing that necessary thing. One example is what I’m doing right now.

I have a certification at work that needs to be renewed every three years, with X amount of continuing education credits to be obtained over the course of those three years. Me? I’m sitting at 4 years 11 months, and I’m just cracking open the textbooks (or website, as it were) to get this done.

For a while I had an excuse; I had somehow locked myself out of the free CE website my job gives me access to. I’d forgotten my user name or password or both and couldn’t log in. So no site, no CEs. Of course, there are always paid CEs that can be obtained through the credentialing organization, but those have two pitfalls: 1) They cost money, and 2) the email address for the organization is apparently considered a “promotion” by my email server and thus any emails with offers of new classes/CE opportunities do not go to my inbox. No inbox notifications turns into an out-of-sight-out-of-mind situation. I’m human, after all; I forget.

It doesn’t help that my whole life I’ve been a crammer, not a planner. I don’t “study.” I read the material five minutes before the test and wing it. If it hasn’t sunk in during class, then I failed at listening. Most of the time it sinks in. This though? This requires doing the actual “homework” to achieve the desired goal of X number of CE credits. I can’t just show up to the tests and skip the “classes” (like I did for both semesters of college Spanish that I took). The tests are included in the reading material–and they’re based off of this reading material. I can’t just skim. I have to read it. Good Gods, this stuff is boring.

Okay, so it’s a bit interesting. If I didn’t find the medical field at least somewhat interesting I wouldn’t be working in it. And I do enjoy learning new things. I guess it’s just the read-and-regurgitate method of learning that’s making things drag. Not that video learning would be much better…that just gives me more chance to space out, and I have to rewind over and over to catch the things I zoned on.

So what have I been doing the past 4 years 11 months to procrastinate? Well, I’ve written two books; made several cosplays; hung out with friends; watched countless hours of TV; gone on vacations; etc, etc, etc. I’ve basically been living life with nary more than a background thought of these recert CEs. So lame (of me…the CEs are valid and necessary).

Now that I’ve regained access to the recert site, I should have plenty of time to get all of my CEs done. I just have to cram.

It’s the last 5 minutes before the test. Better get cracking.


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