Okay, so we did a quick test of the materials used for the tunics, and it looks like I need to add another layer of fabric at least (with a T-shirt underneath they’d be okay, but I’d feel more comfortable with another layer altogether). So yesterday we bought more fabric, and tomorrow morning I hope to have at least one tunic completed. Maybe both by tomorrow evening, if I push myself.

My problem is I get distracted by things like food and TV. My husband and I relax in the evenings with our dinner and watching our recorded shows. Sometimes we get backed up on shows and have a lot to watch, so we tend to spend almost every evening watching TV. Much as I love TV and movies, it’s killing me as far as cosplay and SCA sewing goes. I need to just let my husband watch the shows without me so I can focus on the work I need to do before Barmaids and Phoenix Comicon.

Somewhere in there I also need to practice with my loaner rapier to get the hang of holding it up for long periods of time and moving it around. My goal is to not have my arms shaking for hours afterwards every time I practice. That’s a tad embarrassing. I want to up my endurance so I can practice more than just 45 minutes to an hour at a time. Weekly practices are two hours long, and ideally I’d like to up my stamina so I can practice for at least an hour and a half (with short breaks for water and rest, of course).

I guess if I want to get this stuff done I should be heading to the craft room and getting back to sewing. Motivation is just so hard to find sometimes.


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