It’s official! My parents have transferred four acres of land to my husband and I, making us official landowners. We have property. I can now legally say this:

get off my lawn meme

Okay, so maybe I don’t have the ginormous shotgun (or whatever kind of gun that is)…point is, I feel like an adult. Next up: getting the house built this fall. We’re not rushing things, but now we actually have the land to build on.

I also kind of feel like those Old West pioneers, for whom land was a valued commodity. “I got me some land out in the Southwest. Gonna built me a homestead.” It’s weird. I never thought I’d actually own land. I mean, owning the plot that the house is built on is one thing, but owning property before building a brand new house? Never, ever thought that would happen to me.

I’m so grateful for the events in my life that led me to this point. I have a great, stable job, a husband who is able to work from home so we don’t have to make two car payments, generous parents who were willing to deed us half of their land so we can build right next door to them (well, an acre or two away…but still)…all the things in my life that have led up to this moment.

Now I just need to get book 1 polished and start querying agents and submitting to publishers. Then I’ll really feel like things have all come together 🙂


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