Fighting the good fight

Posted: March 19, 2017 in #nerd, Exercise, fantasy, Fitness, Geek, LARP, Learning, SCA

Today’s the day! I’m out of the boot and psyched to be attending (and participating in) rapier fight practice for the local SCA group.

I go into this with absolutely zero working knowledge of fencing or swordfighting of any kind. Zero. So why am I so excited? Because, as an avid fantasy fan, deep down I’ve always wanted to learn how to fight with swords. It may have no useful purpose here, in modern days, but it’s cool as fuck and looks really fun.

Last week I was hesitant to take part because: A) I am a noob and didn’t want to humiliate myself and B) well, refer to A.

Now? Now I’m ready. Well, emotionally ready.

Physically, I’m going to get my ass kicked.


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