Tides of the Ides

It’s that time of year again! The good ol’ bad ol’ Ides of March. I could give you a history lesson courtesy of Google or Wikipedia, but here’s the short story on the long history of the Ides of March:

Julius Caesar. He got owned. Big-time. His buddies–including his ally Brutus–jumped him at a meeting and stabbed the fuck out of him. Also, Shakespeare told us to be weary of this day.

So there ya go. The Ides of March were an unlucky day for Caesar and thus have been considered unlucky pretty much ever since. Before that, it was just the middle of the month. No big deal, right?

This year’s Ides of March I’m working a half day at work, so it’s already looking better for me than Caesar. I don’t anticipate getting stabbed today. The schedule doesn’t look too bad, and I’ve got a good attitude about today. I think the Ides of March will be a good day for me today.

The moral of this ramble? Don’t let superstition or a bad history make your day a bad one. The Ides of March is just another day, and no little assassination that happened over a thousand years ago is going to mean that your day’s going to be fucked too. Just start the day with a good mood and let things come as they may.


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