Planning my day

Posted: March 11, 2017 in #design, #nerd, Art, Convention, Cosplay, Crafting, Fandom, Geek, Learning, Sewing, Steampunk, Time

No catchy title today. I’m too busy trying to figure out how I’m going to manage my time at my parents’ house.

Saturday is traditionally “laundry day” at Mom and Dad’s, so that’s a given. Now that we have a small workspace in one of my parents’ garages, we also sometimes use it as “cosplay prop/leatherworking time,” which will be part of today’s work. I also have to practice airbrushing with the one paint color I’ve gotten (ordered a bunch, but only one has come in the mail so far) and read and review a comic for TNWU. And any post editing that needs to be done throughout the day.

I suppose (since it’s not even 0530 and we won’t leave for Mom and Dad’s for another couple of hours) I can start designing and cutting my new steampunk mask for Dark Phoenix. Yeah, I screwed up the other one. My eyelet flame pattern ended up looking like waves, so that’s a scrapped mess now. Once the holes are punched, it’s kinda hard to undo what has been done. Still, I got some new suede to work with and I think I can make it look even cooler than it was going to look with this new stuff. (Pics to come once it’s close to done.)

Then it’s shower time and off to the Saturday home-away-from-home. Start the laundry going–lots of loads today–and, depending on how focused the hubby is on cosplay, probably to the leatherworking first. Then maybe airbrushing practice/learning. Then the PDF review. Then…who knows.

With all the stuff we’re doing today–laundry, cosplay, TNWU stuff that requires me to bring the laptop–we’re going to be loaded the fuck down when we get there. Laundry bag. Comforter that doesn’t fit in the laundry bag. Bag of leatherworking stuff. Tackle-box-thing for the leatherworking tools & little fiddly bits. Laptop bag. Harness. Anything I’m forgetting? Probably.

I’m so grateful to my parents for letting us mooch off–er, I mean utilize–their laundry facilities and garage space. Until we have our house built (and our own washer and dryer), we’re kind of stuck in apartment no-man’s-land. Can’t do the leatherworking stuff because a large part of it requires pounding on different tools with a mallet. Can’t do laundry because fuck paying for the apartment machines. And the TNWU stuff? Okay, so I can do that at home…but it gives me something to do when we’re betwixt and between the laundry and cosplay work.

Now that I’ve reminded myself that I need to design/cut the new mask (something I can do here without causing a ruckus), I think I’m going to start my official day with that. Later!


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