Harnessing my creativity (part deux)

Well, I don’t know how well it will work yet (because I forgot to bring the contact cement to attach the phoenix breastplate to it), but I’ve got a custom-made harness for my Dark Phoenix cosplay!


Best thing? I had a little help from my friends in the brainstorming and fitting department, but other than that I made it myself! Yeah, so it’s just some leather straps and dye and a few rivets here and there and a buckle–the point is, I did it. My handiwork. It feels great 🙂

I still have another week in the boot, so I can’t quite start on the sewing yet, but as soon as the boot’s off I’m going to be back in the craft room, busy at work putting together two full outfits. I’ve still got two months, but it’s going to be close with all the details we’re putting into these.

I can do this though. Just have to power through the sewing once the boot’s off.


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