Play through the pain

Four weeks.

Four long, long weeks.

That’s how long I have to wear this immobilizer boot for my broken foot (at least that long, anyway), and it’s going to drive me crazy. It’s not that the boot is terribly uncomfortable, and the one the podiatrist gave me is less unwieldy than the one I borrowed from my mom, but it’s still damn annoying.

Yesterday was quite the long day at work, and I’m feeling it this morning. The boot is quite painful to wear at the moment (likely my foot is swollen from yesterday). Today’s going to be a semi-long day as well, but I’ll have more opportunities to sit down and get off of the foot I think.

Oh, and that broken foot that I don’t remember injuring? Yeah, here’s what the bone looks like:


See that nice, thorough break with the chip of bone broken off? Yeah. I did that, practically dead center of the top of my foot, without realizing I had broken it. No injury that I can remember. Definitely no fall, and no memory of tripping, stepping wrong, dropping anything on it, banging it against anything…pretty much nothing I can think of as a possible cause of this. Even the podiatrist was amazed that I didn’t remember injuring it. And I was walking on it for two weeks without knowing it was broken. Oops.

I wish Tylenol would help it some. It doesn’t touch the pain though, and the prescription NSAID I’m on does nothing either. The podiatrist offered me pain medication (translation: likely narcotics), but I turned him down. I mean, I can’t work while taking the majority of prescription pain medications he can offer, so what’s the point? Besides, the boot generally takes care of most of the pain. I think it just swells at the end of the day/during the night, causing the pain I’m feeling right now. Granted, the narcotics would probably help me sleep better…but I don’t want to be reliant on something like that. I’m too damn stubborn lol Not to mention it feels like it would be overkill to take something that strong.

So that’s my sob story for the day. I’m still in the process of “waking up” even though I’ve technically been awake since 0130 (with a brief nap around 0230–good thing I woke back up in time to get ready for work!). For my first broken bone, it’s been an interesting experience. I totally thought it would hurt more than it does. I was certain there would be no break on the x-rays because I was still able to walk on it. How could it be broken if I was walking on it? Well, I guess now I know. Maybe next time (Gods willing there won’t be a next time) I’ll see a doctor sooner. Like, less than two weeks after the sharp pains start.

I’m such a doof.


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