Back to the drawing–er, writing–board

My new antagonist for book 2 has revealed herself. Things are fleshing out. And I had a great idea for a new plot point that will really fix a problem that had been nagging at me.

The downside? This plot realization means rewriting much of what I’ve already written for book 2 AND going back to book 1 and rewriting some of that stuff. Crap.

I kindamaybesorta created a huge plot hole in which it should be so easy for the antags to get to the protags that it essentially negates the need for 90% of the story. Maybe 95%. Regardless of the exact percentage, it’s a lot.

Annd os w;so of.

Trying to figure out where I was with this point i sbecomigbecomnof

Okay. I am not possessed. The damn cat won’t leave me–or the laptop–alone. Guess that’s a sign that I shouldn’t be writing at the moment anyway lol I’ll figure out the plot holey-ness later.


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