No Wall

I’ve hit the damn wall again. Freakin’ writer’s block. Or, as I like to call it, the Wall.

Yep, I’ve been staring at the same sentence for two days, trying to figure out which sentence comes next. You probably know as much as I do about what it’s supposed to be. 😦

I guess it was bound to happen again eventually. Even the most prolific of writers eventually deal with the demon that is writer’s block. I just wish I had it a little less often. Definitely frustrating to have such a great streak of new material to suddenly BAM! run smack into the Wall.

Part of my problem is trying to decide the pacing. How fast do I want things to develop? Do I want to be ahead of where I am? I kind of don’t want to drag things out, but I don’t want to rush them either. Definitely a delicate balance.

Book 2 is becoming more of a hassle than book 1 for sure. I’m making things more complex, with at least three major threads running at the same time. Why do I do this to myself? Oh yeah: because I want the book to be great. Lol

Maybe I’ll change the working title. If I use the current working title for book 3, then I can make things move at a better pace that will be neither too rushed nor too sluggish.

Ah, the life of a pantser.

Okay, so I’m not totally pantsing. I have a general idea of where I’m going. Not an “outline” per se, but a vague … something. If I can climb over this Wall–or bust straight through it.

It’s time to go Kool-Aid Man on this writer’s block!

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