Time to face the music

Posted: February 4, 2017 in #publishing, Critique, Novel, Sci-fi, Stress, Writing
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I bit the bullet last week and joined a critique group on Facebook. Sounds cool, right? Other people read your writing and tell you what they think and how you can improve. One of the two other people in my group made three, maybe four comments, all positive (though a bit creepy).

The other person sent back a file with more comment bubbles than I thought possible in a Word document.

I’m a little scared to look at it. I mean, I can handle critique but this is, like, mega-ultra-super detailed critique. Of course, when the person mentions in their “introductory” comment that they’ve had a few classes in creative writing and such, it does not bode well for the rest of the document.

Sure, I can hold out hope that some of those long, long comments are good ones…I can also hope a big-name film director will randomly come across my first book, read it, and call me to negotiate a million-dollar movie deal with total creative freedom.

Guess I shouldn’t complain, though. If I do go through with submitting to agents and publishers, I’ve got to expect this kind of critique, or worse. Pages and pages and pages of red marks. Entire chapters deleted or altered beyond recognition. It’s part of “the biz.” Stuff that just happens when you delve into the world of publication.

Maybe tonight I’ll read the critique. When I’m back home in bed. With a tall glass of Bailey’s.


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