Go with the flow

Finally have made forward progress on book 2!

I’ve been revisiting previously-written chapters because I had made them entirely too short and choppy, so I’ve been beefing them up and adding more substance. It’s created a new dynamic and a new flow to the story, which I’m really happy about.

It’s also taking the story in the direction I’d intended it to go. I’d been stuck on how to get my main protagonist out of her predicament, but now it’s bright and clear. She can move on and, more importantly, the story can move on.

There are still some speed bumps to get over: I’ve got to get to the title of the story (which will make very little sense if I don’t make progress in that direction), I’ve got to mix things up (because what’s a story without some conflict?), and I’ve got to continue weaving some side plot threads through there. It’s not all clear, but it’s becoming more vivid in my mind as I move forward.

Another 1,000 words written, another many thousand to go. 🙂


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