A day of firsts

Posted: January 29, 2017 in #design, Convention, Cosplay, Crafting, Novel, Sci-fi, Steampunk, Writing

Today brought a couple of “firsts” to my doorstep…well, semi-firsts.


First first: My first time riveting leather. I’ve started on the mask for my steampunk Dark Phoenix cosplay, and aside from a few rivets that are “off,” I think it’s turning out pretty damn cool, if I do say so myself (and I do lol). I still have to add some eyelets (so I have, y’know, something to breathe through), probably in a flame shape, but otherwise it’s coming along nicely.

Second first: I officially sent book 1 of my new series-in-progress to my editor, meaning book 1 is that much closer to being done, and book 2 is already started! I’ve never thought I had a series in me…well, I thought I did with Whispers of Death, but once I got to writing I realized I only had one book worth of story in me. Book 2 is starting out great and I’m sure I’ll have enough for more books after. I mean, I’ve got characters gestating that will need to grow and learn and do stuff. Fingers crossed that book 1 gets picked up by a publisher once it’s finished, so the other books can thrive!

Lots of stuff keeping my mind occupied lately, which is good. The more my mind can work, the less time it has to think about depressing stuff. Like bills and all that fun happy shit.

Off I go now to do cosplay. Or writing. Or….staring at the computer screen. Who knows.


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