Back in the swing of it

I finally have the motivation to work on editing/revising my WIP again!

Doesn’t mean the cough is gone though. It’s still there, though not quite as bad. Could it be that it’s going to be done with soon? I sure hope so.

It turns out that I can afford the chest x-ray, so even though I think I might be on the tail end of this I think I’m going to still go get that test. It’s the responsible thing to do, after all; both the rheumatoid arthritis and one of the medicines I take for it can affect the lungs. I have been sick a lot the past year, mostly upper respiratory stuff, so I can see the doctor’s point as far as wanting me to get the x-ray. Better to make sure I don’t have some pulmonitis thing going on. Prevention is the best medicine or something.

Now that I’m back in the writing swing of things, I hope to get cracking on cosplay again. I still haven’t quite gotten back into that yet (it’s easy to doze off on the laptop if I can’t wake up right away–not so much working with pins and needles and sewing machines). Maybe I’ll try working on that in the evenings, when the hubby is playing on his PlayStation. I mean, it’s not like I’m accomplishing anything during that time. Might as well try to be productive in other ways.

I’m slowly getting my motivation back. Feeling like a human being sure helps lol So here goes! Let’s see what I can accomplish when I’m not coughing up crud every couple of minutes


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