Blissfully comatose

Posted: January 20, 2017 in Health, Insomnia, Sleep

Ah, the glory of generic-nite-time-cough-and-cold medicine. Too bad it doesn’t last the whole “nite time.”

I just had the best sleep I’ve had in over a week…pretty much since the sinus infection started. It. Was. Wonderful. I woke up thinking I had slept the whole night through; it took me a bit to realize that it was still in fact Friday night.

Now? Now I’m wide awake with another hour and change before I can take more.

I’m debating on taking the cough syrup with codeine that I have from the doctor, but it hasn’t been as effective as the plain ol’ generic store stuff. I guess the generic-nite-time-cough-and-cold-medicine is … is … wait. What was I saying? Hmm … maybe the generic store stuff is still in effect.

When it’s time for more, I’m definitely taking another swig. I miss that good sleep that i used to get.


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