Quality, not quantity

That seems to be the theme today. Well, as little of today as exists currently.

Sleeping with the sinus infection I’ve had the past few days is a challenge to say the least. If I lie down too flat I can feel the crackling in my chest when I breathe. This has adversely affected my functionality. Did I get any writing done this weekend? Well, nothing so far, but I feel almost normal. When I move the wrong way though, I’m reminded that nope, I’m still sick.

I woke up about 45 minutes ago feeling like I wasn’t even sick anymore. It wasn’t until one of those loverly coughing fits doubled me over that I remembered. Can you imagine how great the sleep must have been to make me feel that way?

Ironically it was just a 30, maybe 45 minute catnap that had me up and ready and as close to rarin’ to go as I’m going to get.

Well, not “ready.” It’s not even 0330 yet for Christ’s sakes. Still, to wake up feeling like that given the setting in which the sleep happened is a miracle.

Am I done with sleeping for the morning? I couldn’t tell you. My eyelids seem to think I’m not done yet, but this is around the time I normally wake up. I might succumb to those lids though.

Reading back on this rambling, perhaps I didn’t sleep as well as I had thought.


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