Dragging my keys

I’m almost done with the first round of revisions on book 1…

…so why can’t I make myself finish?

There’s a chapter or two still to revise, possibly a few more to go back over again, but I can’t force myself to even look at the file this morning. I don’t know why; I want to finish these revisions. I really do. I just can’t make myself this morning.


So here I sit propped up in bed, laptop on my legs, listening to K. Flay and staring at a blinking cursor that mocks me with each flashing line. My eyes are heavy, and my vision refuses to focus.

I think part of it is that not all of my writing is consistent so far in this book. Some of the imagery and descriptions are pretty damn good, and some of it’s basic crap. *sigh* The proverbial own worst critic. I need to go back to those chapters–again–and figure out how to improve on them so the whole book has the same cohesive “sound.” I want it to read well (obviously).

Sadly, I can barely keep my eyes open right now. Guess it’s a moot point right now. I’m going to doze back off any second.

Maybe my dreams will inspire me.


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