AMA w/Clare, Harper, and Eli

I’ve posted on this before, but figured I’d post again just for shits and giggles (and to get the word out) 😉

Yes, I’m hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything, for those not in the Twittertalk loop) with the main character of my new novel and her cohorts.

Clare, Harper, and Eli live in a dystopian future where the social elite have taken over the Old U.S. as the governing body. These richest of the rich are also blessed with evolutionary genetic Gifts, Gifts that are only allowed in the upper classes. Any low-class fetus found to have these Gifts are said to have genetic “abnormalities” and is terminated by government order…ostensibly for the safety of the mother and as a mercy to the child, which would have grown up deformed or mentally retarded. In reality, the ruling Council doesn’t want anyone in the lower classes to have the power to overthrow them.

Despite the Council’s efforts, Abnormals are still born. Their parents use a variety of methods to hide their Abnormal children from the Squads that patrol the streets of Heaven’s Light and the other remaining Old U.S. cities.

Clare and Eli meet under dangerous circumstances and end up on the run from the Squads to avoid capture and internment in one of the Abnormal concentration camps that dot the wastelands between cities.

Harper is one of Eli’s exes, and she inserts herself into Clare and Eli’s budding relationship when they run into her in one of the Dead Cities, abandoned cities run and occupied by Abnormals and their families.

Comment here (or tweet or comment on the shared posts on Twitter and Facebook) to ask a question to Clare, Eli, or Harper. I’ll answer “in character” in a post at the end of this month! 🙂 If you want to know more about Clare, Harper, and Eli or the world they live in, ask away! They’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

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