Jealous of my own creation

Ever hear that some characters, especially main characters, are based at least in part on the author? It happens–bits of you bleed into the work. But damn, I wish I was Clare.

Well, I don’t want to be so short. But the hair I have given her has me obsessed. I want the character to have a fire-ombre hairstyle, and now I want it. Like, I can’t afford hundreds of dollars to get it professionally done (and by professionally, I mean done right), but I also have never attempted an ombre dye. I sooooo want it though.


Image stolen from Pinterest, but damn that’s some hot-ass shit right there. I want it so bad! Grr.

My character can dye her hair however she wants it. She can go wild with her colors or let it go natural (which isn’t in her nature, but she can).

Want want want want want. Who knows…it might end up happening. I might bite the bullet & try it. Of course, there’s the little problem of my husband not wanting me to dye my hair, but that’s just a few conversations and a little coaxing, especially if I do it myself.

Or have a friend do it? I don’t know.

So tempted. So tempted.


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