About a week ago I ordered a set of samples from a cosmetic company (Dollipop Cosmetics on Etsy) so I could try different eye shadows before Phoenix Comicon.

The samples don’t have a ton of pigment in them, but from what I understand–and I understand very little about cosmetics–that little bit of loose pigment lasts a long time. Which is good for me, because I only plan on using very little at a time, and not very often. I’m just not a “makeup” girl.

Just so you know, Dollipop Cosmetics has some awesomely geeky names for their colors. https://www.etsy.com/shop/DollipopCosmetics Check them out! (If I find a company I like, I like to give props)

A book also came in the mail yesterday, which is also awesome. Darynda Jones, one of my favorite authors! I am a bit behind on her Charley Davidson series, as I just got book 10 and book 11 is about to be released. You’ve got to check these out as well. (If you’re a library person, then literally check them out.) Great MC, great cast of characters, lots of action, lots of hotness, and amazing storylines. Rarely does a series keep my attention thisi long, so props to Darynda for her great work.

Sometimes a writer has to stop writing to re.ad a bit. It helps us see how other writers write and what writing works and what doesn’t (you can learn a lot even from bad writing).

Speaking of reading, I’m off for now 😉


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