Revisiting the past … er, future

Posted: January 1, 2017 in #dystopian, Novel, Sci-fi, Self Publishing, Writing

Started revisions on book 1 today (even though my alpha reader isn’t quite finished with her critique) because I’m me, and I can’t just not.

I see a lot of things that need adding and improving, but I’m not sure the hows of it all. Like yeah, this scene could use a bit more action or that chapter needs a rehaul, but I dunno…I still think I need more objective critiques.

I miss the Facebook critique group I used to be in. Peoples’ lives changed; they finished what they were getting critiqued or moved on to other things that prevented them from writing. Whatever the cause, it has fallen to the wayside and I’ve no place to get a steady income of solid critiques at the moment.

Now I’ve got whole sections that need to be added in…almost another story, but not quite. I need to–not “drag out” the story, but expand upon it. I can’t have my characters falling in love over the span of mere days. Let’s have them journey on for a bit, get into some mischief. Get them in trouble, then have them bond over getting out of it together. Or something like that.

Also, it will help expand the world itself. Let’s not just have it take place in a couple of cities; let’s open it up, explore it, get to know it. Be in it, rather than just reading about it.

It’ll be tough. With my first book, I used an existing city in modern times. Now? Now I’m creating new cities out of the ashes of existing cities that were destroyed in the future.


Eh, don’t worry about it. It’ll all make sense in time.

Like, when the book is done. 😉


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