Talking to Myself

Posted: December 27, 2016 in #music, Poetry, Writing
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I was driving along, radio off, and I randomly started singing some nonsense song. Here are some rough lyrics. Enjoy! 😉

I’m talking to myself

Each and every day

I’m talking to myself

Since you went away

The days and years pass by

Since you left me

And now I start to cry

But there’s no one to hear me

We used to talk all the time

We’d talk through the night

Now I’m talking to myself

And it just ain’t right

Conversations with myself

But I am all alone

Conversations with myself

In this empty home

I’m talking to myself

But no one really hears

I’m talking to myself

To fight away the tears

You used to talk to me

But now you’re gone away

And no one’s here to see

How much I have to say

I’m talking to myself

No voice here but my own

I’m talking to myself

And I am all alone


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