Circling the drain?

I think I’ve exhausted my creativity for a while. I’m trying to plug through the beginning of Book 2, but at just 7k words in I find myself writing in circles. Seems my creativity has been drained after the marathon that resulted in the completion of Book 1’s first draft.

Can’t let myself get discouraged, though. I mean, I have quite some time to get Book 2 finished. Gotta revise/edit/revise/edit/etc Book 1 until it’s ready for publication, then I should focus on Book 2 more. I just can’t get these characters out of my head. They still want their story told, but they’re being stubborn about telling me what’s up with it.

I’ve been writing essentially the same thing worded differently for days. I find myself cruising the Internet or playing the Playstation more often than not lately, as opposed to my usual early morning writing time. Perhaps I should take a break even from Book 2? At least until I get my mind back on track.

What I should really be doing is working on cosplay. I’ve let that go for too long, caught up as I’ve been in writing and prepping for Christmas. I keep telling myself “after the holidays”…but I should just force myself to get started now.

Well, not now-now. Now I’m at my parents’ house for our weekly visit. But starting in the morning.

If the characters will let me.


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